Micra k11 1.3 75Hp Acceleration

Acceleration 0 - 120 km/h by Marian (twin-cam)

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Nissan Micra K11 Acceleration Test/Overtake
Using just the Stock system, The engine is running a 1.0L High octane rule mix, which has had the filtration system altered, to get the most power from the engine, very smooth power transition.

Nissan Micra K11 1.3 0-130
K11 CG13DE CAI+Przelot 2 cale Lotnisko BP

Micra K11 SR20DE

Nissan Micra k11 1.3 75hp Top speed
top speed with two guys on board. Full accelerate after 160km/h - by Marian. (1995year)