408 Idling

Finally started the 408 in May of 2007, here's what she sounds like with open headers...

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Test drive the White Capri
In this vid you get to ride along as I take it for a "romp" around the neighborhood.

408 Stroker
ATK HP Engines

Ford Mustang windsor 408. In car open exhaust. LOUD!
just making a video to show the sound level of an open Exhaust car. This is a 1994 Mustang GT, the 5.0 has been replaced with a 6.7, this is a 10.5 cr engine, all iron, flat tappet, high lift cam shaft. The Exhaust consists of 1 3/4" BBK Long tubes, to an H pipe. no mufflers. my next video will show the the in car sound difference with a set of Dynomax VT mufflers. This car has run a best of 12.74 @124 in the quarter mile, on a cold night, on street tire. plenty of motor, but needs suspension, I actually slowed down by about 1/2 second when i removed the mufflers. thx for looking!

Short ride in my 351W powered '85 Mercury Capri
Decided to take my buddy for a spin in my '85 Mercury Capri. It has a 351W with a few mods done to it. I was having trouble with 2nd gear, hence the banging noise while shifting. The video quality isn't that great, but was taken with his I-phone.