Ropa Tiger XL , beet cart Big Bear

Sugar beet harvest in south Ontario with Eurotiger XL and Bear cart from Ropa North America inc.

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Amity Technology Sugar Beet Harvest
The line of Amity Technology sugar beet harvesting equipment puts the power of three in your hands and your field! Visit us today to find a dealer near you!

sugar beet cart 50m3 harvest / transbordeur betteraves Brochard / ropa euro tiger
transbordeur betteraves Brochard 50m3 et Bopa euro Tiger v8 temps de déchargement 50 secondes chassis universel avec pesage et track de 36 pouces option caisse d'épandeur avec table ou deux herissons verticaux option transbordeur céréales option cuve Sugar beet cart / chaser beet cart Brochard 50m3 universal chassis with weighing system and track system option : body manure spreader option body grain cart option tank unloading 50m3 sugar beet : 50 secondes

12-24" Row Amity Beet Digger #1, Sidney, MT
I do not claim the Amity brand. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Ropa mouse loading sugar beet in 2012.wmv
Ropa Euro Maus4 loading sugar beet. Truck is loaded within 4 minutes