1972 Ford Maverick Startup

So this was back in February, but I don't think I'll have enough time to upload a good video today T_T Anyways, this is my dad's pride and joy starting up. Just a paintjob, interiorwork and a cherrybomb and it's good to go! someday I'll drive it......someday....

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1972 Ford Maverick idle, walk-around, and rev
This is my brother's latest project while his truck (which you can see in my other videos) is temporarily out of commission. It's a '72 Maverick with a recently rebuilt 351 windsor and a T5 tranny out of a fox body Mustang. It's the motor that used to be in his truck before he put the 427 clevor in it. There's all sorts of other little things that have been done to it too, so just ask if you want to know anything specific.

Ford Maverick Grabber 347 Part2
starting up for the first time in a long time.

1970 Ford Maverick
Just a quick little video of my father in law taking his daughters boyfriend out for his first Maverick ride. Hoping to get some better footage up before the summer is up.

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