My Knight Rider "KITT" tribute for the Knight Rider Festival

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Knight Rider 3d Theme
Knight Rider 3d Theme by Kadir Deniz. This is Knight Rider Fan Video. For other images;

Knight Rider KITT Tribute - Season 4 (1) HD 1080p
Knight Rider | KITT Tribute Trailer - Season 4 (1) HD 1080p Produktionsland: USA Originalsprache: Englisch Jahr(e): 1982--1986 Produktionsunternehmen: Glen A. Larson Productions / Universal TV Cast: David Hasselhoff: Michael Knight William Daniels (Stimme): K.I.T.T. Edward Mulhare: Devon Miles Patricia McPherson: Dr. Bonnie Barstow Rebecca Holden: April Curtis Peter Parros: Reginald Cornelius III.

Airwolf Full Extended Theme Remake/Cover
5 million+ views! Thank you everyone! I loved this show when I was a kid. It came out around the same time I first got interested in electronic music and bought my first synthesizer, a Korg Poly 800. Soundtracks like Airwolf, Street Hawk and anything by Tangerine Dream were a huge influence. Recently watched all four seasons again and got inspired to try covering the entire extended theme, which I always wanted to do but could never do with a Poly 800 back then. Plus I finally got around to learning Propellerhead Reason's sequencer, so I figured what better way to cover a helicopter tune than with something called "Propellerhead." :-P The video clip is just something quick I hacked together... made up of action scenes from several episodes making it look like 4 or 5 bad guys ganging up on the Lady, only for her to mop the floor with them at the end. This is just for fun. No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved by their respective copyright holders. Full version with no sound effects available at: Thanks for listening!

Custom Knight rider intro 1 - Classic
VISIT MY WEBSITE: VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE: Click more info to see the description of the Video. -- Video Description -- "Knight Rider. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist." "Michael Knight: a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law." Those words have a powerful meaning, especially because it comes from one of the greatest shows from the 1980s, Knight Rider. I grew up with the show, and still love it to this day. So I decided to create a number of Knight rider intros. So sit back, relax and enjoy the first video in the series. I had to start with the original theme and the intro. The original introduction was so mysterious, and is quite well known for KITT zooming into the camera (or away from the camera for that matter). So here it is: classic knight rider clips, the original theme from the original show (originally composed by Stu Phillips and updated by Don Peake) and that famous voiceover (By Richard Baseheart, who plays Wilton Knight in the Pilot). Enjoy! -- My Website (The Tribute Pages) -- LINK: Visit my website which has unique tributes for lots of great video games, TV Shows and More. 26/11/09 - 50,000 views! thanks everyone! 23/02/10 - 200,000 + views 14/12/10 - My Video has now got over a million views! 27/09/10 - My humble Knight Rider Intro, has now got nearly 2 Million views! Man, that is a lot isn't it? THANK YOU SO MUCH! for everyone who has viewed this video. I greatly appreicate it :D Thank you for everyone who has took an interest in my video. When I first created it, I was hoping it would get the views it deserved, considering how much time and effort I put into making it. Thank you! --- This is Version 3.5 of this video. I will upload any additions/improvements at a later date if necessary.