Jari Ketomaa rolls Ford Fiesta WRC - SS8 Koivukehä WRC Rally Finland 2011

Finland´s Jari Ketomaa rolls his Ford Fiesta WRC in special-stage 8 Koivukehä during the 2nd leg of WRC Rally Finland 2011

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Jari Ketomaa incar - SS5 Evo WRC Rally Finland 2011
Full-stage incar & onboard view of Finland´s Jari Ketomaa in action with his Ford Fiesta RS WRC in special-stage 5 Evo during leg 2 of WRC Rally Finland 2011. Unfortunately Jari´s run ended in a crash&roll three stages later.

Jari Ketomaa & Ford Fiesta WRC (Teknari 06/2012)
TEKNARI - http://www.teknari.fi Jari Ketomaan menopeli on ajomiehen unelma. Siviililiikenteessä Fordin WRC-tykki on karmea ajettava. Ford Fiesta RS WRC 1,6l Ford EcoBoost LUE KOKO JUTTU: http://issue.teknari.fi/69a9cfb1638b085221ac97a8259c0228704a4cdb/#/12 Lataa Teknari tabletille: App Stores, Google Play ja Windows Market // Teknari is available for tablets in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. http://www.facebook.com/Teknari.fi

Huge crash in Humalamäki - 1000 Lakes Rally 1984
Extensive view (3 camera angles) on the huge crash of Julian Roderick - David Alan Holmes in special-stage Humalamäki in 1000 Lakes Rally 1984. Thousands of spectators were packed into the famous jump scene in Humalamäki to catch the action of the opening night of the event. Marshals had a hard time controlling the huge crowd and as car #48 arrived to the scene, the inevitable happened and car plunged towards the crowd. Luckily no-one was fatally/permanently injured in this accident. http://juwra.com/finland_1984_itinerary.html

Crash Highlights - WRC Rally Finland 2011
Crash Highlights WRC Rally Finland 2011