Jari Ketomaa rolls Ford Fiesta WRC - SS8 Koivukehä WRC Rally Finland 2011

Finland´s Jari Ketomaa rolls his Ford Fiesta WRC in special-stage 8 Koivukehä during the 2nd leg of WRC Rally Finland 2011

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Podium Celebrations - WRC Rally Finland 2011 Part 1of 2
Podium Celebrations - WRC Rally Finland 2011 Part 1of 2

Jari Ketomaa incar - SS5 Evo WRC Rally Finland 2011
Full-stage incar & onboard view of Finland´s Jari Ketomaa in action with his Ford Fiesta RS WRC in special-stage 5 Evo during leg 2 of WRC Rally Finland 2011. Unfortunately Jari´s run ended in a crash&roll three stages later.

Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011 by JPeltsi
Two day's of Norf, some action and a lot of growd. Some kind of NORF spectator simulation :)

Best of crash WRC Finland Rally 2011
The Finnish rally is known for its speed, its jumps and of course its crashes. Here is a little selection of the most spectacular crashes seen around Jyvaskyla those previous years... In 3rd position, Petter Solberg takes out some trees in great style in 2000. Then it's Dani Sordo with his accident in 2006. And finally, let's remember the Hirvonen's crash of last year...