1986-Brands Hatch-Start & crashes at first turn

Accidente entre Jacques Laffite, Christian Danner, Piercarlo Ghinzani y Allen Berg

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1988 - Brands Hatch - Moreno accident and that pile-up
After 22 laps, it all started to go wrong. Roberto Moreno decided that the best place to pass Gregor Foitek was on the outside at Paddock Hill Bend, and the result of this brainless attack was that the Brazilian ended up in the tyres. Out came the red flag. Blame was laid onb the Swiss, because of his reckelss driving style and ever-readiness to 'shut the door' for the final incident of this black weekend, this time was obvious proof of his guilt After Roberto Moreno's accident, the restart saw Johnny Herbert get away slowly, both Martin Donnely and Pierluigi Martini outdragging the Englishman. His third place then came under attack from Gregor Foitek., and the two cars collided on the straight, ramming the guardrail head-on with exceptional violence. They rebounced back into the middle of the track to be hit by Olivier Grouillard's Lola. This impact send Foitek's car into a series of rolls out of which he escaped with a chipped bone in his right hand. With both ankles broken this ended Herbert's season. Grouillard escaped unhurt but went to hospital as a precaution due to heavy bruising and shock. A total of nine cars was involved in this horrific pileup. Eventually only 10 cars lined up for the 3rd restart!

F1 1984 Brandshatch start + crash
The start of the British Grand Prix of 1984 on Brands Hatch with Nelson Piquet on pole position. A heavy crash collision between Gartner and Alliot in the beginning stages of the race. Live commentary.

Sergio Santander Fatal Accident - Chilean Formula 3 1987
In 1987 and during a race for the Chilean Formula 3 Championship at Las Vizcachas circuit in Santiago, Sergio Santander and Gonzalo Alcalde crash into the pit wall. Santander died and Alcalde escaped with minor injures. Images property of TVN Chile Networks, all rights reserved.

Formula 1 - 1979 Race of Champions - Brands Hatch