Worlds Fastest Modern Hemi (end of track)

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Randy Bradford fires up his Pops AA Fuel Altered Fiat 392 powered on NITRO
Famous Fuel Alterd Drive from the 60s warms up his Dads Nitro Burning 392 Chrysler Hemi at the Cakklefest at the Tradex 2011. The Auctioneer from the car show is in the seat, Cowboy hat and all. You want big flames hang on. Randy and his Crew Chief Sue Bradford are preparing to depart on a tour back east. Watch for the Bradford AA Fuel Altered at a track near you.

Worlds Fastest Modern Hemi 8.21 @ 174 MPH

528 HEMI Start Up On Engine Test Stand
My uncle Cal breaking in the 528 Hemi before it gets dropped into a 1971 Plymouth Scamp race car. Sorry about the turning of the frame during the video, my camera auto turns when I turn the camera. The video will definitely make up for that! Enjoy!!

Dodge Challenger HEMI WORLD RECORD 6.9@201!! - x275 Gen3 HEMI
Filmed at Maryland International Raceway. World record for the Gen3 HEMI and X275 cars in the 1/4 mile! Specs: BES 404ci HEMI F1X Procharger PowerGlide M/T Drag Radials 3345lbs race weight FIRST 3rd Gen HEMI in the 6's!!