Vauxhall corsa rolling road sprinting TTV RACING FLYWHEEL

Vauxhall corsa 1.6 gsi with TTV RACING flywheel, sprint testing.. showed an increase of 16bhp at the wheels in 1st gear!

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ST170 revs comparison ttv lite flywheel v stock
A stock st170 on top of screen vs a modified ST170. bottom has TTv lite flywheel,stock 230mm clutch, underdrive pulley on crank and air con removed.

Corsa A-A

Corsa SRi rolling road run (awesome induction roar)
My Girlfriends old corsa SRi does a power run at power engineering - only modification is an airfilter - sounds ace though

TIM'S C20LET Corsa
99 V plate Corsa Wiv a Fast as Fuck C20LET in it chuckin out 330+ BHP!!!!! runnin 16psi Boost on this vid (bin told it will put out 25 ish psi on full Boost map!!!!!) (and also me shittin it a bit in the passenger seat!!!!!)