Vauxhall corsa rolling road sprinting TTV RACING FLYWHEEL

Vauxhall corsa 1.6 gsi with TTV RACING flywheel, sprint testing.. showed an increase of 16bhp at the wheels in 1st gear!

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ST170 TTV solid flywheel chatter
chatter at tickover.

TTV Racing BMW Lightweight Flywheel Fiasco
Here we have the video of the attempted return of a flywheel to TTV Racing. The awkward conversation was conducted in a gentlemanly fashion, yet they claimed to not know who we were, after the many emails that have been sent to him, I think he knew exactly who we were. But he certainly was not expecting to see us at the Autosport International show at the NEC 2016. Backstory: The flywheels specifications were laid down at length in several detailed emails before it was paid for, it was to match a BMW e46 m47d20 6 speed gearbox. Upon delivery it was clear that the flywheel was completely wrong, not a little bit wrong, but for completely the wrong gearbox, it wouldn't even fit in the bell housing. After countless emails to TTV Racing will not accept any responsibility for the "not fit for purpose" flywheel, even claiming that his company do not make the flywheel that was ordered. Whats this then? : TTV have hidden behind the PayPal system of no returns of custom made parts, yet TTV have these as off the shelf items. £400 is a lot of money for a piece of equipment that is of no use, now another will have to be purchased elsewhere. Thats £400 out of a mans pocket, because someone made a mistake. I'm sure that when they are having a good day, and he manages to punch the right numbers into his CNC machine his products can work well, the paperweight that is here is certainly well made and finished. The real problem is with the man not taking responsibility for his actions. We all make mistakes, its how we deal with them that we should be judged on. Come on TTV man up, and stop bullshitting. If you are into BMWs and need a flywheel then maybe I can suggest looking here: Sorry for the sound on this video.

Opel Corsa B Gsi 2.0 16v c20xe
Opel Corsa B Gsi 2.0 16v c20xe 195 45 14 wheels

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