Taliaferro Drag Car

Showing some of the limitations of the NG900 Chassis used as a drag car. There was a bit of wheel spin there so it was not a fast run but a couple great example. MOst of the flex is in the Uprights. You can read on trolltuner the suspension parts in use here. 2.0L Gt3071.64

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Viggen Drive 9psi
Viggen Still on only 9psi Boost..

Calibrating LS7 Vette on the dyno
Using the superflow Eddy current to get all the part throttle areas mapped before opening it up and making WOT runs.. Then the owner having a bit of fun on a closed road. Tuning by Chris Huels.

TurboX Taliaferro Exhaust
Our custom fabricated turboX Exhaust on the shop project car.

1997 Saab 900SE Turbo (My First Car)
Hence where I derived the username "saabkyle04" here's the reason it all came out, my old car, I miss it to this day! I am so happy I found this video, I never took many pics and I have found all that I could find so it makes me happy that I found this and can share it with you all!