UAZ - NISSAN PATROL - GAZ 66 ( Lithuania )

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Russian 4x4 UAZ Burnout on Baikal Ice :-)
Drifting on frozen Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. Taste adrenalin pumping winter adventures by typical Russian UAZ on Lake Baikal with BaikalNature!

Russian UAZ 4x4 - off-road and all-terrain in the taiga of Olkhon Island
Passage through taiga after rain by Russian 4x4 vehicle of military origin - UAZ. This 4x4 is the most popular vehicle with the local people thanks to its all-terrain capacity, its usability and its maintenance simplicity. The UAZ is often used in our tours on Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. In summer as well as in winter. Taking off with BaikalNature you will travel in a true Local way: in a direct contact with locals, using their traditional transport facilities and in the company of local guides. BaikalNature - Dare the Adventure! Уаз на бездорожье в тайге на острове Ольхон, Байкал.

ZIL 157
ZIL 157 ( Lithuania ) -25°C

ГАЗ 66 в цепях круче трактора (Russian spirit in GAZ 66 wins off-road)
Алтайские хроники. ч2 Поездка на ГАЗ 66 на водопад Шинок в Горном Алтае trip to the waterfall Shynok in Gorny Altai 51.3619204018 84.5892333984 Полная версия клипа только с машиной для автолюбителей здесь music - Anatoliy Polotno