diy pedicab rendering, flyaround

flyaround tour of diy pedicab sketchup model. actual model available at

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How to build a bike trailer - new steel tube design
This bike trailer uses cost-effective 1" steel tube, combined with 1" steel L section for a lightweight and cheap solution to small goods transportation tasks. See how to build it in this video, based on a 2 day course led by Ben Milner, of the Pedaller's Arms, Leeds.

Coaster Pedicab- Luxe Model **Made In Montana**
2016 Luxe All Weather Model

How To Make Elster Pedicabs
Elster is a Germany based smart grid company attending to Distributech Conference and Exhibition at San Diego Convention Center. They needed an outdoor advertising media that would really be a part of their ad campaign. They made the best move by sponsoring 12 fully wrapped pedicabs and all the pedicab drivers for 3 da...ys. Yellow Bike Cab drivers (brand ambassadors) wore the elegant Elster t-shirs and hats and located right in front of the convention center with their shiny pedicabs. All day long they offered free rides to convention center delegates and told them the rides were sponsored by Elster. This campaign was a big hit and many people enjoyed the free rides. Elster had a busy booth trafic and they said that this was the best sponsorship they have ever done.There was no other media out there doing what we were doing. Once again, our unique service pleased onother exhibitor. - (619)200-8495

GoCab Pedicab
The GoCab is an E bike pedicab from Van Raam Varsseveld, the Netherlands which can safely transport 8 children. The GoCab taxi bicycle is particularly suitable for childcare and after school care organizations. Because it is an electric assisted bicycle the GoCab cycles quite light. It is also possible to cycle in reverse with power assistance . With a single front wheel, the bike has a very short turning circle. The own supervisors can carry the children without a driving license The Pedelec GoCab meets all safety requirements to securely transport 8 children. It is an ideal alternative to car taxis.The GoCab is the winner of the Eurobike Award 2011 and several other Bike awards. This film is made By Macif and was shown on France 2 at The programme Emission de Solution on France Television with Marnix Kwant, Van Raam