2003 Cavalier LS Sport exhaust and turbo

Finally got the new video up. Have clips of the new Exhaust sound, engine bay, turbo and a 2-4th gear pull on the freeway. Leave comments below for ideas for other videos and such!

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Turbo cavalier 2002 at 8psi

2003 Turbo Cavalier First start up
2003 Chevy Cavalier LSS 2.2L Ecotec Custom turbo setup First startup, running too high of RPM's, but untuned right now. Found out I had an intake manifold to head leak.. The custom intake flange was not completely flat. This is the reason it is idling high, because of too much air. My build thread: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.php?f=46&i=473790&t=473790 More videos to come....

How to Supercharge a 2.2L L61 Ecotec - Part 2 - Engine Bay, Idle, and Driving
Follow me on Instagram @ionrice Redlineforums: liquidmetal97 * * * * * Please watch Part 1 for a detailed parts walkthrough. * * * * * This video goes through my 2007 2.2L Saturn Ion Supercharger build. Begins with how the parts are set-up, modifications needed to be made, then a start-up and idle of the build. Finishes off with some street pulls! Hope this helps those who are interested in doing this build. - Engine Bay Walkthrough: 0:18 - Start-Up and Idle: 4:54 - Driving/Pulls: 7:46 Build specs are as follows: - ZZP Tuned (HP Tuners unlocked ECM, e-mailed tune file installed) - 3.1" pulley in this video (I now have a 2.9" making 16psi) - The 3.1" made just shy of 12psi on my build - 60# injectors - LSJ 2.5 bar TMAP sensor used - LSJ alternator bracket and tensioner - LSJ idler pulley - LSJ stock heat exchanger - LSJ IC pump and IC pump bracket under manifold - Option B tank (single pass end plate) - 5 rib LSJ belt (have to cut 1 rib off for L61 crank, alternator, and AC) - LSJ throttle body (6 pin to 8 pin adapter) - Custom fabricated Weapon-R CAI (cut-up from a Cobalt SS) - K&N cone style filter

Chevy Cavalier vs. Honda Civic