Kickflip con auto!!!.

Kickflip con auto!!!

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11 Year Old Can Kickflip Crook
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Super Slow Motion Triple Kickflip (Stationary)
Just wanted to experiment with stationary tricks to see how they look, I can do these rolling of course. I thought close ups on flat tricks would look shweet, so this trick is my guinea pig - 4 triple kickflips - triple flip x-foot - 3.5 flip The 3.5 flip was a mistake, but it looked cool, haha. Maybe one of these days I'll be lucky to get a quadruple flip for lulz. tip: ~ If you want to learn these, make sure when you ollie you get the board as vertical as possible then kick the triple kickflip. Not sure why, but it works well ~ Click here to check out my Ultimate Trick Tips: I guarantee you it answers every single little thing you need to know about tricks from pop shoves to 360 flips to switch front foot impossibles, to even pogos on a skateboard. Happy learning! ------------------------------------------------------ Playlists for your viewing pleasure: (This trick is part of the "Slow Motion Flatground" playlist) Slow Motion Flatground - Ultimate Trick Tips - First Person / Slow Motion Tricks - Slow Motion Freestyle - Slow Motion Street - Slow Motion Montages / 5 Random Tricks Series - Mentally Accelerated Tricks Series - Current / Old Contests and Ultimate Trick Tip Requests - (Don't be surprised if you find my Contest / Ultimate Trick Tip Request playlist to be inactive 99% of the time, my "What Ultimate Trick Tip should I make?" polls and contests tend to be extremely sporadic, you kind of need to be updated with my shenanigans in order to catch one) All Videos -

Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory Kickflipping a Skateboard Car
Rob Dyrdek kickflips a Chevy Sonic at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Check out the season premier of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on MTV for all the action.

Rob Dyrdek Chevy Sonic Kick Flip car
Rob Dyrdek did an amazing stunt! He did a kickflip in a Chevy Sonic!