RACING FROM THE ADRL WORLD FINALS! Saturday was rained out but Friday the champions were crowned for the 2010 season! Congrats to all!

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ADRL Rockingham
Video from ADRL Rockingham! Quickest Fields in History, HUGE crowds! Plenty of action! This video is just us on the golf cart going around the pits. It was an awesome event! Check out my other ADRL videos.

adrl Virginia
Drag racing from ADRL Virginia!

Fastest Pro Mod in the World Crashes in Huntsville, AL.
Bike Paparazzi speaks with Ashley Owens earlier that night before the crash at the top end with Little Willy from Nashville, TN. Also speaks will Kim Morrell (Pro Mod World Champion). Also previews for Lee's Finals for Rockingham, NC and Ella Mean vs. HTP (one of the biggest grudge races of the year). 100% hater proof!

Mike Hill $60,000 Auto ProMod from Carolina Dragway (Harris fire, Williams crash)
Battle of the Big Dawgs DVD trailer from held at Carolina Dragway April 2011. Features $60,000 to win Automatic Pro Mod and True 10.5.