72 Maverick Grabber 351 windsor

idle speed

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351 Windsor Maverick First Start
First start after installing a 351 Windsor in a Ford Maverick.

Maverick Daniel
Maveco do daniel. CONTATO: danielmusclecar@yahoo.com.br

1973 Shelby Maverick Replica
You won't see many of these! This is a recreation of a joint effort between Shelby and Ford of Mexico and a dealer who thought it would be a great idea. Mavericks were assembled there, so this was a natural for modification by Shelby. New parts were fabricated unique to this car. Noticed the shared tailights with the Shelby Mustang.

1972 Ford Maverick vs. 2015 Challenger Hellcat at 2015 Duluth Drag Races
The Maverick has a 351W with a T5 transmission. Race 2/5 2015 Duluth Drag Races & Car Show