BMW M6 Drift Fail

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BMW M6 vs Ferrari 458 Italia vs Nissan GT-R AMS
Следующий этап состоится 19 и 20 мая 2012. Заказ билетов по телефону +7 (495) 768-77-88 Next Event, May 19-20, 2012 Photos: Facebook: Twitter:!/dragtimes_info

You Are You (Short Film:Teenage Bullying)
Please Donate to our next short film project here: ‪ "You Are You" Film Written By Daphne Pezoulas, Laura Thorton, Vanessa Morris, Maddy Bronstein, and Cassandra Leonard. Edited and Directed by Antonio Pezoulas McCow.......Cassy Leonard Bully with glasses.....Daphne Pezoulas Bully without glasses.....Vanessa Morris McCow's Friend 1........Laura Thorton McCows' Friend 2.......Maddy Bronstein Innocent Bystander.....Brittany Quarts This film captured the many different varieties of harassment weather it physical, verbal or via internet(cyber) and while graphically rein acting the tragic situations of teenage depression caused by bullying, while enlisting facts occasionally to depict the emotions and struggles that thousands of teens battle through each and every on going day. **** I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC USED WITHIN THIS VIDEO, THIS IS MERELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN COPYWRITED MATERIAL. SONG BY FREDDIE MERCURY

army fails compilation
Army fail compilation 3

Ricer FAIL
Crash whilst being towed...subaru impreza