Autocross menaam

autocross menaam

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1968 Charger VS. Lamborghini's in the autocross.
Well... I had a chance to run MR ANGRY against some REALLY stiff competition today... a bunch of Lamborghini Gallardo's... WOOF!

European Rallycross Championship -Czech republic 2007
Championship 2007 in Czech republic Sosnova

rx7 wheels fall off during autocross
This rx-7's wheels fall off. Apparently what happened was that someone sent him the wrong lug nuts with the wrong threading. They seemed tight until they fell off! Happened on june 10, 2007 dixie autocross

BMW 2002 Chased by Cop Car on Autocross Course
Fred Beck autocrossing in his BMW 2002, chased by a police cruiser with lights and siren. He has to slow down every so often to let the cop catch up.