Wheelie Bin Sound System at London Santacon 2009

Ben and I built a portable sound system out of car audio parts, a wheelie bin and two large car batteries. Then we went to Santacon in London (12th Dec)... Thanks to all santas for much fun, and thanks to the breakdancing fella, whoever you are. All audio comes from the video footage. Tunes: Phillip Frazer - Rub a dub Christmas King Stitt - Christmas tree Jack Dangers - Christmas is here White Stripes - My doorbell Curtis Mayfield - Move on up Ethiopians - Ding dong bell Jacob Miller - Wish you a Merry Christmas

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Wheelie Bin bass test
Running test tones through my wheelie bin sound system. 60L "novelty" bin (stands knee high) - inside is a 150W amp and 4x 6.5" woofers. You can make a pun about the frequency response being rubbish, and it sounding boxy... that's expected! I've high-passed it at around 70Hz, but ran 30Hz up just for curiosity's sake. If it looks like the drivers are out of phase that's the due to the camera. Taken on a phone (SGS) from 1m away.

My wheely bin boom box !
Mad use of some old speakers & a bin in the shed. 1200w mono block amp 2 10" subs 4 6" speakers 2 tweeters 120 amp hour caravan battery with inline kill switch Inverter to charge phone etc while camping Battery charger ( might hook up a solar panel oneday) LEDs on a switch Sony head unit Volt gauge. Should be able to get at least 3days out of it before having to put the battery on charge. Absolutely fukin pumps. Love it

Wheelie bin sound system - Homemade
Got bored, got speakers, decided to make something to spice up the garden parties!

lowrider bike sound system
lowrider bike sound system and the bike