Wheelie Bin Sound System at London Santacon 2009

Ben and I built a portable sound system out of car audio parts, a wheelie bin and two large car batteries. Then we went to Santacon in London (12th Dec)... Thanks to all santas for much fun, and thanks to the breakdancing fella, whoever you are. All audio comes from the video footage. Tunes: Phillip Frazer - Rub a dub Christmas King Stitt - Christmas tree Jack Dangers - Christmas is here White Stripes - My doorbell Curtis Mayfield - Move on up Ethiopians - Ding dong bell Jacob Miller - Wish you a Merry Christmas

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Wheelie bin sound system - Homemade
Got bored, got speakers, decided to make something to spice up the garden parties!

Wheelie Bin bass test
Running test tones through my wheelie bin sound system. 60L "novelty" bin (stands knee high) - inside is a 150W amp and 4x 6.5" woofers. You can make a pun about the frequency response being rubbish, and it sounding boxy... that's expected! I've high-passed it at around 70Hz, but ran 30Hz up just for curiosity's sake. If it looks like the drivers are out of phase that's the due to the camera. Taken on a phone (SGS) from 1m away.

Homemade Sub bin
We all thought it was a good idea to modify a wheelie bin!. Also sorry about the sound quality was only using my iphone haha. To make this we used : 4 x 6'9 speakers. Car Amplifier 300 watt ( Only using 1 channel :S) 2 x Car battery's 12v Head unit Switch and fuses.

Sunny Bins Solar powered wireless wheelie bin sound systems
The future of mobile sound and entertainment is here! During 2010/11 Sunny Bins developed a 12v sound system that is portable, versatile and solar powered. The bins can be easily rolled into position in a variety of locations and used to amplify music, voice through a microphone or a live musical performance. Our team can be on hand to assist with event set up and to crew the bins. Maintenance and ongoing advice and support are available to our clients. Sunny Bins: • Utilise solar power to recharge the 12v battery • Are portable - fitted with all terrain wheels • Can host live music performances • Bins can be linked up via wireless radio transmitters • Can also be recharged from 240v wall chargers • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor events • Custom art and branding by our artists and designers • Easy to use - our team will show you how In April 2011 we were invited to support the NSW Youth Week and our Sunny Bins were used to perform live music, transmit speeches and present performance art and dance at various locations around Western Sydney. Our team were on hand to deliver and pick up the bins for the youth week events and to assist with set up and use. The art and design on the bins was produced by our artist Greg Archer while two of the bins were decorated by participants of Youth Week. Many of the community centres, having hired the sound systems, went on to purchase them for use in their youth events calendar. Communities New South Wales purchased four Sunny Bins. Bankstown, Wollondilly and Camden Councils as well as Liverpool's Street University also bought bins for future programs and events. In May 2011 Randwick Council commissioned four bins that could be used as a combined mobile sound system for their outdoor events. The bins, all solar powered, were hooked up to a wireless radio transmission system and spread out in Centennial Park for the Cancer Council's 'Relay for Life' fundraiser. From a central source the music and speeches were transmitted and relayed to the sound systems around the park so that runners and spectators could hear the transmissions from whatever point they were on the track. The bins were placed on custom built stands which raised them off the ground creating greater sound projection over distances. Our team were on hand to deliver and set up the bins and to ensure sound quality was at its best. contact us through www.wheeliebinsoundsystems.com