My Ford capri GT with custom exhaust.

This is my 1974 Ford capri 1.6 GT Mk2, with his new Exhaust system. In my opinion it sounds great. Este é o meu Ford capri 1600 GT Mk2 "BN" de 1974, com o seu escape novo. Camera used/ camera usada: Nokia N80

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Soundcheck Ford Capri
Das ist der Sound von einem Ford Capri. Danke Capri.

FORD Capri 1600 Pinto engine on the highway (5th speed)
Ford Capri 1.6 year 1979 Pinto engine (modified) with hewland gearbox and diff ratio 4.9 The real speed is 30% under speedometer figure. 0-100 km/h........... 9.5 sec 0-400 m ........... 17 sec

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Ford Capri Mk1 1.6GT - no Mods - 0-100 km/h
First 0-100 km/h Video. Old Video as the car was original with no Mods, just a 38/38mm Solex Carb.