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Import DPS Nissan 180SX SR20DET VVL Turbo 7.57 @ 179mph

For those who do not know, Nissan 240SX Import DPS now has a combination of Nissan SR20 and computer programming Microtech Tech OSO which already are beginning to see results in a machine with 7.5 with 7.57 passes and 7.59 @ 179mph @ 179mph and that's just the beginning.


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Kako Racing Datsun 1200 Coupe SR20DET VVL 7.07 @ 190MPH
Courtesy GRS-MOTORSPORT.COM, car is doing really well , almost a six second pass again, unfortunate small touch though.

Import DPS Nissan 180SX SR20DET VVL Turbo 7.59 @ 179mph
For those who do not know, Nissan 240SX Import DPS now has a combination of Nissan SR20 and computer programming Microtech Tech OSO which already are beginning to see results in a machine with 7.5 with 7.57 passes and 7.59 @ 179mph @ 179mph and that's just the beginning.

Nissan SR20 dyno tuning - Adicted Performance
Adam's Nissan SR20 pumps out over 500hp on pump fuel and even more on race octane at Adicted Performance. The 2L engine features a forged bottom end, upgraded cams and valve-train components and is Boosted by a Garrett GTX35-63R turbo and Haltech Platinum EFI system. Built to be a reliable street engine, the Nissan will make its way into a Datsun Stanza. http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au

VVL Turbo @ Fontana
Me vs Edgar (Edgar red lights and takes off On Me)

260z Neo VVL TURBO
260z Neo VVL engine vs 200sx GTiR engine 260z MADE IN PALMARES BY TALLER ARTURO

SR20VE Sentra vs G20 SR20DET Turbo vs VVL B13 All Motor
I/H/E/SR16/Tune VVL B13 with smoke mod VS SR20DET GT2876R, JWT ECU, Exhaust VS I/H/E VVL B13

Nyce1s.com - JMR Garage Nissan Sentra SE-R Turbo 600+ WHP!!!
Here is some recent footage of a Nissan Sentra SE-R from the JMR Garage camp!!! Checkout http://www.nyce1s.com/forum for more videos!!!! Checkout http://www.jmrgarage.com for more info on their shop!!!!

Turbo 200sx se-r
First time at the track, had a brake line issue which is why I kept hitting the brake before the 1/4.

Sentra SE-R neo VVL 198whp dyno runs
NEO VVL swapped Sentra SE-R on the local Dynojet putting down 198whp.

brian crower stage 3 cams ka24de turbo first start
camo ka24det first start 240sx ka24de pte 5857 precion turbo aem ems brian crower stage 3 cams turbo smart vee port id1000cc msd brian crower stage 3 cams aem tru Boost 240sx camo ka eagle rods turbosmart sticker bomb

Nissan Pulsar VZR N1 sr20ve Neo vvl
Short run in my uncles unreal Pulsar VZR N1 !!! Doing about 185 KPH (115 MPH) Spec list: Exterior: Option VZ-R skirts and spats, Genuine Nissan Rare option graphics (have just not fitted) Genuine Fog lamps installed, Lucino Rear Tail lamps, Genuine Nissan N1 Rear spoiler, New Indicator lamps fitted, Nismo Rear Badge (backlight), Genuine Nismo front Splitter, Interior: Orange factory Skyline R seats, Manual Windows, Nismo Gearknob, Apexi RSM, Original fitted mats, Nissan momo steering wheel, Backlight on clocks changed to blue, 3 Black face gauge, 3 x HKS Oil pressure, temp and water temp 46mm gauge. Powertrain: Sr16ve head ported and polished, Decked to raise compression (calculated 12.5:1) 3 angle valve job, +2mm Exhaust valve +1mm intake valve, Brian Crower Springs and retainers, Supertech Manganese bronze valve guides, Standard Nissan Headgasket, Standard Nissan collets, Standard cam gears, sr16ve N1 spec camshafts, new shims, Sr16ve N1 pistons cut only for oil squirters, Sr16ve N1 block, Sr20ve Con rods, Sr20ve Crankshaft, ACL calico coated Race main bearings, ACL Calico coated Race Conrod bearings, Pulsar GTi-R main cap bolts, VVL Nissan spec Piston rings, Freshly honed block and balanced rotating mass, Aluminium G-spec underdrive Water pump pulley, Aluminium G-Spec overdrive Crankshaft pulley, New Nissan spec VE oil pump, New Nissan Spec timing chain and guides, Sr16ve N1 intake manifold, 8 x 333cc sequentially operated injectors, Nissan spec sr16ve N1 Spec ECU with programmable Powerland daughterboard, Powerland Manifold, Powerland Intake pipe, HKS Super powerflow reloaded intake filter, Cold Air feed, AP Clutch, Standard Fly, prothane engine mounts, Cusco catch tank Suspension: New genuine Nissan wishbones drop links and antiroll bar bushings, New tein Super street coilovers, Whiteline rear anti roll bar, Whiteline 4 point under brace Wheels: Enkei JDM factory option rims, Toyo T1-R proxies all round Brakes: 5.1 Fluid, Hel braded brake lines, Evo 3 front twin pot callipers, Endless front pads, Clio 182 front discs, Red stuff pads rear. Transmission: Gearbox completely reconditioned all synchros checked and in spec and and worn gears replaced

Import DPS SR20DET Powered 240SX Fall Nationals 7.36 @ 185MPH Pass Courtesy of GRS-Motorsports
GRS-Motorsports video coverage of the Import DPS Nissan 240SX with its newly built SR20DET platform running a blistering 7.36 @ 185mph at this past weekends Fall Nationals event. The car ran simply amazing and was tuned by Jorge Oso Juarbe. Import DPS Owner, Javier Ortiz behind the wheel on this pass and surely more to come. As always we appreciate all the support of our fans, customers and family.

S13 SR20 240sx w/ GT28 @ 16psi
The story of my 240sx from a s13 SR20 with blown T28 @ 12-14psi, bad head, and no tune. To a GT28RS @16psi with Rebuilt Head, AEM EMS tune. Made 320whp on the Dyno with stock cams. Tuned by BRE Motorsports in Concord NC.

SR20 Neo-VVL Dyno run 2
SR20VET, Stock P11 cams, forged bottom end, supertech valve springs, full race manifold, custom "freedy intake", ID 1000 injectors, apex'i Intercooler, GT3071R twin scroll, S15 6speed transmission. Made 385whp, 305 wtq, 18psi,~ 7200rpm in 5th gear Stopped the Dyno because of a blown BB on the turbo. Here's the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZdPWlsyOLM&feature=youtu.be

B13 VVL vs Evo 4
Pista los Llanos San Carlos Costa Rica, nissan sentra b13 neo vvl contra evolution 4, empate

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