Rover 827 Exhuast Note

The exhuast note of my 827 on tick over (750-800rpm). Sounds really good seeing as the exhuast has been bashed to about 1/3 of the original size from being lowered. thanks to speed bumps and pot holes, the exhuast also has a hole in it. Im changing the suspension and exhuast soon! Thanks for watching!

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Rover Rover 75 Petrol and Diesel Engines
Rover - Rover 75 - Petrol and Diesel Engines Copied directly from a dealership VHS video Section 1 - General Features of all engine variants Locations of fluid Reservoirs under the Bonnet Engine Twin Tie Bar Torque Axis Mounting System Radiators, Fan and Cooling System ECD-3, Year 200 European Regulations- Including on Board Diagnostics Section 2 - The M47R Diesel Engine General Description Coolant Heater Acilliaries Drive Belts turbo Charger and Intercooler Bosch "common rail" Direct Injection System Diesel Engine and Cruise control Section 3 - K 1.8 Petrol Engine Introduction Catalytic Converter System Dual Mass Flywheel and Hall Effect Sensor The Camshaft Belt and the Air Conditioning Drive Belt MEMS-3 Engine Management System Oxygen Sensors Idle Speed Valve Section 4 - KV6 Engine - 2.5 and 2.0 Litre Introduction Damp Cylinder Liners Exhaust Valve and Head Gaskets New Auxiliary Drive Belt Inlet Manifold (VIS) Air Assist Injectors Spark Plugs Siemens Engine Management System Hall Effect Crankshaft Position Sender Temperature and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Knock Sensor ECD-3 and Oxygen Sensors Running Time 32 minutes 1999

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Rover - Rover 75 Electrical Systems - Multiplexing Programme Content. Location of the fuse boxes Location of the Relays Section 1 - Vehicle Architecture - The Multiplexing Technique - An introduction to the BUS system - The CAN system - Fault Finding in the CAN system using testbook - The K-BUS system - The Diagnostic Line Section 2 - The GM6 Controller - Location of the GM6 Controller - The Systems Controlled by the GM6 - The GM6 Highline and Lowline controller - Rover 75 transit mode - Testbook and Configuration Options Section 3 - The Main Wiring Harness - New Types of Harness Connectors Section 4 - The Light Switch Module - The Light Switch Module (LSM) Functions - Using Testbook to program the LSM - The Operation of the LSM when the Trailer Module is fitted - Replacement of the LSM Section 5 - Parking Aid, Rain Sensor and Rear Sunblind - Operation of the Parking Aid - Parking Aid fault Diagnosis and the Operation of the ECU - An explaination of the Rain Sensor System and Operation. Programme Running Time - 34 Minutes Rover Group Ltd. Technical Academy, PO Box 267, Warwick, CV35 0ZA Tel: 01926 647200 / Fax: 01926 647247 Produced by Rover Group Training & Development Rover Group Ltd. 1999

Rover 820 vs BMW 325
Rover 820Si 136bhp - 17.6241 @ 78.16mph BMW 325Si 189bhp - 15.4031 @ 92.56mph

1992 Acura Legend dual OBX exhaust system
OBX headers, x piping from cat to muflers. OBX MV3089 2.5 mufflers