(Part-1) Rms13 240sx - Trackday 9 UP, dorifto..

up again to be erased by avex ¬¬ now without music avex, NO! Avex songs =( Please select, watch in high quality part-1) summary, drifts of, 30min non stop, on the racetrack 240sx RMS13, practicing on the Trackday IX 4/04/2007 by Urbanperformance, the race track "Pacifico Sport" in Chile, south america. great!!! trackday, congratulations for urbanperfomance!!! www.urbanperformance.net second time that I practice, the first time was in the trackday 8 UP (in study mode s13) knowing the 240sx rms13, see my other video (Rms13 240sx in the Trackday, dorifto now in TD9 real practicing ultra newbie with open diff the learning, see much Video-Opt, Best Motoring, Initial D, High Performance Imports, Grip video and more, documental and video of drifting of japan and the drifting in the world, and play LFS and rfactor dorifto mode =), the rest, to be very fanatic, and to love the drifting and driving techniques =) practicing the dorifto techniques on the trackday 9, newbie mode, hoping to improve every time more Cameras: -External camera: extreme cameraman Mr. huerta (running to protect their life) Saku Style xD -Incar camera system made by nighthack Edition and driver: Nighthack gratefulness: pipefloyd mr. huerta Lomo Mauro-wrx julio Trackday ix www.urbanperformance.net Up Army Songs Themes: - Reckless the car rms13 240sx with Open Differential, stock, only mods Aftermarket Air Filter and Catback 3" + muffler 3x5 HKS the s13 240sx ultra very nice car, the handling, the acceleration, performance, the comfortable very good car excellent ;) and very fun to drive ;) thanks you!!! for watching the video ;) bye

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