Somerscales Heavy Haulage - Firing up the Scammell

Firing up our 1960 Scammell Super Constructor in the workshop. Plenty of smoke from the Leyland/Albion 902, 15 litre diesel engine.

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The Scammell And Its New Back
Scammell Junior Constructor UXC 611, Receives a new back.

AEC. Euclid. Foden and Scammell. Coal board dumper trials at Arkwright Colliery. 1953. October 1953. AEC. Foden. Euclid and Scammell and several pieces of plant all taking part in evaluation trials at the Arkwright Colliery, Derbyshire. As stated in the film there was problems with one of the camera's used, I've tried to edit that out without loosing the narration.

Towing a recovery tank with my Scammell Explorer
My Scammell Explorer (Ex FVRDE) is towing a 52 tonne Centurion armoured recovery tank, doing what he was made for!

Pickfords Heavy Haulage
More raw power - sadly you dont seem to see these sort of loads on the roads any more.