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Breezin' with Whimsy

I tried out a bungee cord dampener on my home-made pivoting camera mount. It did a good job of dampening, but it also prevents the camera from staying level. So, more tweaking is needed! In the meantime, enjoy the ride as I work Whimsy in a bit of breeze. Apologies for some rather unflattering camera angles as I bumble about the cockpit during manuvers, but I was busy. ;) Sail On!


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heavy weather sailing Catalina 22 C22 extreme sail on Courageous Cat Sailboat C 22
http://sites.google.com/site/courageouscat22/Home heavy weather sailing Catalina 22 C22 extreme sail on Courageous Cat Sailboat up you enjoy brief clip of our Father day sail through a summer storm the wind was blowing hard from the South west as the rain pour down on us Kurt Washeim Drafting website is https://sites.google.com/site/cadmadinc/ actionsign services 132 Hazel Dell Avenue http://sites.google.com/site/actionsignservices/

57 Jeanneau Yacht Sailboat Video Walkthrough By: Ian Van Tuyl at IVTyachtsales.com
I took this video to show you a quick walkthrough of my clients Jeanneau 57. For additional information on this amazing yacht please feel free to contact me at any time day or night. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ian Van Tuyl 1-619-507-4416 ianvt@cruisingyachts.net

Sun Cats Rock
A Well-Sailed Sun Cat Dancing on Charlotte Harbor. Winds were about 16-18 knots. It was a little bumpy on camera boat Whimsy- so the camera shakes a bit at points. :-( But, it was great winter day for sailing in SW Florida!! (Jan 08, 2011)

Whimsical Light Air Canal Sailing
On a warm summer morning with little air out on the harbor, Whimsy and I find breeze enough to sail within the canals of Punta Gorda Isles. Music: "Sunrise", performed by Chet Atkins & George Benson.

Single handed operation of the Jeanneau Yacht 57 By: Ian Van
I have spoke to lot's of clients and potential buyers who ask the same question. Can this yacht be handled by myself or shorthanded? I always answer yes the reasons are that when you get up to a vessel of 50ft or greater it actually becomes easier believe it or not. The reason for this is you start finding bow thrusters on 50+ yachts along with electric winches and in Jeanneau's case the way we order the yachts 53 + electric Genoa furler's. all of these options and with the new modern hull design make single handling a vessel of this size very easy. Actually I even find it easier to sail this 57 then my own Jeanneau 39i P.V. I hope that you find this video helpful in explaining what I'm trying to say and if you would like additional information on the Jeanneau product or are looking to buy or sell a yacht please feel free to contact me at any time day or night at 1-619-507-4416 or ianvt@cruisingyachts.net I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ian VT

Run For Fun And Reef
A video showing Whimsy running (under autopilot), and later, taking in an easy reef in just a little over one minute while she 's been "dialed in" to self-steer. Music: "Desafinado", performed by Stan Getz

Stroll In The Sun
A warm light sailing day amounted to little more than a stroll in the sun. Whimsy made the best of the light breeze and managed to squeak out 4 knots of boat speed in the flat conditions. I had fun running onto the boat from the house with the camera, and noticed it may be time to get a new camera too! You may notice a "U" shaped blurb on the left side of the screen. Well, that is INSIDE the camera (..in as much as cleaning the lens can't remove it.) It's not too distracting (compared to some of my other movies where I have the lens completely fouled), but it is enough to drive me nuts(er) since I can't remove it. Anyway, it was a fair day - a little warm, a little light in the wind department, but better than just about anything else I would be doing on a Saturday morning! - Whimsy and I made the best of it! So, enjoy the ride, and Sail On! Music: AC Jobim / Estrada do Sol

Sailing Serenata
August is a notoriously lousy month for sailing in Florida - no wind, thunderstorms and heat all conspire to make sailing tough. But today, I found a gap to get out there in early. Whimsy and I dodged the thunderstorms, there was just enough wind to make consistently good speed, and the cloud cover and breeze kept the heat down. A rare "pleasant" August sail was the happy result! I hope you can enjoy the video ride - it was a good day! Sail On! Music: Serenata - performed by Pete Jolly and Marty Paich.

One Tack One Take
It was a lot more breezy than the weather weasels predicted.! After watching my Genoa fall into the harbor immediately upon unfurling, I had to struggle a bit to get it back on board. (The #1 jib halyard snap shackle lived up to its name!) I quickly swapped over to the #2 jib halyard, re-hoisted, and resumed sailing - but I was Exhausted. So, no running around the decks gathering varied angles for this tired guy today! Instead, the camera is mounted on my swim ladder during one tack, for one take, with no edits. It's simply all I was up to. Enjoy the bouncing ride, and "Sail On!"

Five Minute Sail
Five Minutes of "chillaxin'" sailing aboard Whimsy. No special effects or fancy editing - just plain ole' sailing to the gentle tunes of David Benoit. Enjoy the ride!

Soon It's Gonna Rain
Well, my next to last sail of summer was much like many of them recently - wet! The good thing about the clouds and rain is that they keep the temperature down. Today we only got to 81F, and it was a warm rain. I do enjoy giving the sails a nice fresh water rinse every so often, and I really don't mind getting rained-on myself - as long as it is warm. But, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming "dry" season, and the "clear sky" sailing that happens after a frontal passage. I've endured the fairly damp summer, and fall starts in just a couple of days! ..Yeah! ..Sail On!

Hurley Preview
Hurley 22 sailing

Picasso Summer
It's been a tough couple of weeks here in "The Land of Almost Right". After several months of delay, my new mainsail finally arrived. It was "Almost Right" - most annoyingly, the Cunningham grommet near the tack was not installed. The fabric reinforcement is there, but the grommet was never installed. I also asked that the sail be made two inches shorter than the first one so I can have a little more space between the sheave and the headboard, and fewer hang-ups with the roach on the backstay in light air. Well, the luff was shortened just right, but the leach was not shortened enough - so the boom hangs a bit lower ..lower enough that it now hits my Bimini top. So, the fix for that was to replace the gooseneck bolt with one that is 1-1/2" longer, so the whole sail can be hoisted higher, and the boom now clears. Then, just to irritate my OCD, there is a label missing on the port side of the sail (All the other sails have labels on both sides.) I'll see if the sail maker can send me a couple of grommets ( ..a couple in case one gets screwed up),and then I'll try and find somebody local with the big-ass tool needed to set it). The labels seem to be "adhered" in position, so hopefully he can just mail me one of those and I can "stick it" on. I'm also hoping that when I can tune the luff tension properly with the Cunningham (once the grommet is installed), that the annoying vertical ripples in the sail between the third and fourth batten down from the top will be reduced. As sad as this sounds, the sail is MUCH better than the sailcover I got from JSI in St Petersburg. I took them my old one to use as a patter or measure, and the cover they made for me doesn't even fit! It also isn't the same shape as the original (...WHY I TOOK THEM THE ORIGINAL). It is too short, and the zipper is installed upside down. The "too Short" part really irks me, because I asked for the new cover to be three inches LONGER - and it is actually SHORTER than the original. Good grief. Fortunately, sailing the boat is FAR more pleasurable than having things made for it - and I still love sailing her. "The Almost Right" stuff will get fixed - or worked out over time. This is what I get for never learning how to sew. LOL! ;-) Enjoy the sail - I sure did! ;-)

Sailing Samba
Here's a brief Friday afternoon sail aboard Whimsy. We're dancing across Charlotte Harbor and watching all the boats go by. The date is Friday Jan 28, 2011 - and the weather was perfect! Whimsy was a well-behaved lady this day, and she self-steered very nicely in the fresh breeze (..reefed main and slightly rolled-up jib) so I could play around with the camera. Enjoy the ride!

Summer Breeze Aboard Whimsy
Whimsy being single-handed on Charlotte Harbor the day after TS Bonnie blew by, resulting in a rare decent summer breeze!

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