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Breezin' with Whimsy

I tried out a bungee cord dampener on my home-made pivoting camera mount. It did a good job of dampening, but it also prevents the camera from staying level. So, more tweaking is needed! In the meantime, enjoy the ride as I work Whimsy in a bit of breeze. Apologies for some rather unflattering camera angles as I bumble about the cockpit during manuvers, but I was busy. ;) Sail On!


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Working Whimsy
Many have contacted me and said that while the videos of Whimsy self-steering along - or me just kicked-back at the helm - are nice, they are really curious about working the boat alone. Is it a lot of work? So, this video shows Whimsy going through two tacks, a jibe, sailing along a bit, and docking. Unfortunately, the camera angle that allows you to see all the "goings on" also ends up show-casing my rather fat butt. :-( My apologies - but hopefully the video will answer your questions! Oh, I left the video sound up so you can hear all the "clanks and clunks" going on while the boat sails, and the old Atomic 4 while docking. ;-) Sail On!

The Weather Weasels said the winds were going to be 14 knots today. They weren't even HALF right! So, with my 130% high-cut cruising genoa rolled up to about 85%, and the mainsail lashed to the boom, I went out and bashed around the harbor. The winds were fairly steady, but the infamous Charlotte Harbor Chop was just relentless. Whimsy carried me through it all, but by the time I got back to the dock it looked more like I had been swimming than sailing. At least I was warm. I hope you can enjoy the ride from the comfort of your own computer - and if you want it all to feel more realistic, spill a drink in your lap. Sail On! Music: Sail / AWOLNATION

The First Front Approaches!
After an absolutely craptacular work week, a Friday evening sail was just the thing to set me right again! The first cold front of the year to actually push past Charlotte Harbor is coming through tomorrow, and it may be too stormy to venture out then - so today's sail was really enjoyed. Sunday should be ideal with lows in the mid 60's, highs in the low 80's, low humidity, and a nice breeze - Oh, I can't wait! I'm really looking forward to some nice dry weather for the next few months, and getting back to sailing Whimsy in fresh winds! You're all welcomed to follow along as I ...Sail On!

Steppin' Out
A cold front came through last night, and this morning the breeze was up. So, Whimsy and I decided to head out onto the harbor and enjoy the great sailing conditions. This video illustrates just how quick and easy it is get Whimsy under sail single-handed even when I take the time to tuck in a reef. I had a large power boat closing on me as I was nearing the end of the channel, so I bailed out to the left so he could pass to the right, and then I tacked back behind him. I've found that if I don't get out of their way immediately, they will (more often than not) accelerate and rock me hard anyway. So, I treat all of them as though their sole desire is to wake me off my deck - and I do whatever I can to get out of their way. I had a great sail down to Bokelia and back. The breeze picked up into the low 20's, and it was nearly a beam reach each way. Whimsy translated the breeze into 7.5 knots of boat speed down the harbor, and back. A truly great reward for Steppin' Out!

A Christmas Gale Sail
A test sail during Gale Warnings. I used no mainsail, and the working jib was furled about 50%. My gimbled camera mount was underwhelming - I need to come up with a damper of some type. I could go to windward - but not very close. Tacking angle was about 115 degrees with the handkerchief jib and no main.

Dana 24 New Design Review
Latitudes & Attitudes reviews the "new" Dana 24, now being built by Seacraft Yacht Sales in Seattle, WA. More marine product demos, boat reviews, and entertainment available as free streaming video at http://www.seafaring.com

Whimsical Light Air Canal Sailing
On a warm summer morning with little air out on the harbor, Whimsy and I find breeze enough to sail within the canals of Punta Gorda Isles. Music: "Sunrise", performed by Chet Atkins & George Benson.

Ease Along
Another beautiful SW Florida winter day! A comfortable 72F, nice 8 knot breeze, clear sky, and everything else just perfect for Easing Along aboard Whimsy. Enjoy the ride! (Music: Toots Theilmanns / Bluesette)

57 Jeanneau Yacht Sailboat Video Walkthrough By: Ian Van Tuyl at IVTyachtsales.com
I took this video to show you a quick walkthrough of my clients Jeanneau 57. For additional information on this amazing yacht please feel free to contact me at any time day or night. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ian Van Tuyl 1-619-507-4416 ianvt@cruisingyachts.net

Sail Trim In A Fresh Breeze
Alessandro asked for a video about sail trim in a fresh breeze - so, here ya go Alessandro! This by no means covers everything - for example, sheet leads were an inadvertant omission - but the truth is that there is simply no substitute for time in the boat ..out on the water ..and under sail ..to fullly learn sail trim. Hopefully, any of you with a sloop rigged boat can take the information provided here and use it to sail your boats even better. Good sail trim not only makes your boat faster, it provides for an easier helm, better control, and extends the useful life of your sails too. While I'm far from being an expert on all the theory and physics of how a boat sails, the basic techniques I try describe here have worked well for me over the past 46 years - and I've spend a LOT of my free time sailing. So, get out there, go sailing,and give some of these techniques a try! I hope this answers your question Alessandro - and do feel free to ask any questions in the comment section. Sail On! - Tom Scott

Five Minute Sail
Five Minutes of "chillaxin'" sailing aboard Whimsy. No special effects or fancy editing - just plain ole' sailing to the gentle tunes of David Benoit. Enjoy the ride!

The Right Day
I had to pick the right day to shoot a video this weekend. Today was blustery after a cold front pushed through early this morning. As soon as the rain stopped, Whimsy was ready to go! With winds in the low twenties early, I started with a full 90% jib, and a double reefed mainsail in anticipation of more breeze to come. Soon, the wind was in the mid-twenties, and gusts were touching the low 30's - and the 90% jib got rolled in a few turns for good measure. I'm glad I shot the videos segments early in the outing, because by the early afternoon it simply got too windy for me to handle the boat, the camera, and myself. By 2:30PM I was back home at the dock, hosing salt off of everything! - and tired. ( a GOOD tired!) It was a nice sailing day, although not a particularly pretty one. The temperature hovered around 70 degrees, the winds were brisk, and the spray was surprisingly warm. All-in-all, it turned out to be the right day. Music: The Right One / Robert James Orchestra, Studio 2 - from a popular Martini Commercial of the 1970's. (hic)

A Small Gift
A Small gift! Well, actually just a short video of today's wet and bouncy sail on Christmas Eve as a cold front approaches from the north. I could not keep the lens clear of spray to save my life! This 150th video will be my last video of 2014, and I want to thank those of you who have commented on and liked many of my videos and enjoyed them. Your encouragement has also been a wonderful gift to me ..one that has motivated me to keep making these little videos. I will hopefully get to enjoy all of them again in the distant future when my sailing days are done. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a great one surrounded by family, friends, food, and all the things you love. Have a great New Year too, and I look forward to sharing more sailing and music with you in 2015 as Whimsy turns 46 years old. Sail On everybody!

Summer Breeze Aboard Whimsy
Whimsy being single-handed on Charlotte Harbor the day after TS Bonnie blew by, resulting in a rare decent summer breeze!

Harbor's Grey
It was a grey day on Charlotte Harbor, but that wasn't enough to keep Whimsy and I away! With a nice breeze set up, we enjoyed the day as a cold front slowly approached form the northwest. There were a few other boats out enjoying the day too - a Newport 30 III which I tested myself against, and a couple of Island Packets (...the IP-41SP belonging to my neighbors Joe and Diana!). There were lots of geese on the harbor, and the overcast conditions kept the temperatures down into the 70's. It turned out to be a simply wonderful day for a sail. I hope this video helps you enjoy the ride as much as I did! Sail On!

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