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Breezin' with Whimsy

I tried out a bungee cord dampener on my home-made pivoting camera mount. It did a good job of dampening, but it also prevents the camera from staying level. So, more tweaking is needed! In the meantime, enjoy the ride as I work Whimsy in a bit of breeze. Apologies for some rather unflattering camera angles as I bumble about the cockpit during manuvers, but I was busy. ;) Sail On!


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Working Whimsy 2
Some of you have asked about what is involved in single-handing the Morgan 30, Here's a real time (no edits) look at what is involved in getting Whimsy's sails hoisted, and then getting everything back down and put away again. She is very easy to single-hand ...I mean if I can do it, ANYBODY can. ;-) Music By: Earl Klugh

Working Whimsy
Many have contacted me and said that while the videos of Whimsy self-steering along - or me just kicked-back at the helm - are nice, they are really curious about working the boat alone. Is it a lot of work? So, this video shows Whimsy going through two tacks, a jibe, sailing along a bit, and docking. Unfortunately, the camera angle that allows you to see all the "goings on" also ends up show-casing my rather fat butt. :-( My apologies - but hopefully the video will answer your questions! Oh, I left the video sound up so you can hear all the "clanks and clunks" going on while the boat sails, and the old Atomic 4 while docking. ;-) Sail On!

The Weather Weasels said the winds were going to be 14 knots today. They weren't even HALF right! So, with my 130% high-cut cruising genoa rolled up to about 85%, and the mainsail lashed to the boom, I went out and bashed around the harbor. The winds were fairly steady, but the infamous Charlotte Harbor Chop was just relentless. Whimsy carried me through it all, but by the time I got back to the dock it looked more like I had been swimming than sailing. At least I was warm. I hope you can enjoy the ride from the comfort of your own computer - and if you want it all to feel more realistic, spill a drink in your lap. Sail On! Music: Sail / AWOLNATION

The Whimsy Riff
The late great Stan Kenton recorded the "Intermission Riff" back in 1946. This is a bouncy little tune that has crawled into my head in recent days. So, there was only one way to get it out - and that was to pass it along to everybody else!!! Today was a great day for sailing and listening to Stan Kenton - and I even chimed in as an uninvited guest with my old trombone! (..out on the boat and alone is my wife's favorite place for me to play my trombone!) Enjoy the tune - and the sail! I sure did!

Dana 24 New Design Review
Latitudes & Attitudes reviews the "new" Dana 24, now being built by Seacraft Yacht Sales in Seattle, WA. More marine product demos, boat reviews, and entertainment available as free streaming video at http://www.seafaring.com

Whimsical Light Air Canal Sailing
On a warm summer morning with little air out on the harbor, Whimsy and I find breeze enough to sail within the canals of Punta Gorda Isles. Music: "Sunrise", performed by Chet Atkins & George Benson.

Stroll In The Sun
A warm light sailing day amounted to little more than a stroll in the sun. Whimsy made the best of the light breeze and managed to squeak out 4 knots of boat speed in the flat conditions. I had fun running onto the boat from the house with the camera, and noticed it may be time to get a new camera too! You may notice a "U" shaped blurb on the left side of the screen. Well, that is INSIDE the camera (..in as much as cleaning the lens can't remove it.) It's not too distracting (compared to some of my other movies where I have the lens completely fouled), but it is enough to drive me nuts(er) since I can't remove it. Anyway, it was a fair day - a little warm, a little light in the wind department, but better than just about anything else I would be doing on a Saturday morning! - Whimsy and I made the best of it! So, enjoy the ride, and Sail On! Music: AC Jobim / Estrada do Sol

heavy weather sailing Catalina 22 C22 extreme sail on Courageous Cat Sailboat C 22
http://sites.google.com/site/courageouscat22/Home heavy weather sailing Catalina 22 C22 extreme sail on Courageous Cat Sailboat up you enjoy brief clip of our Father day sail through a summer storm the wind was blowing hard from the South west as the rain pour down on us Kurt Washeim Drafting website is https://sites.google.com/site/cadmadinc/ actionsign services 132 Hazel Dell Avenue http://sites.google.com/site/actionsignservices/

Short Sail On The Long Day
A short sail on the longest day of the year turned out to be great fun! Unlike every day for the past two weeks, the wind was perfect, the temperature was below 90F, and there were no thunderstorms nearby! Whimsy and I took advantage of the near ideal conditions, and enjoyed some really great sailing on the first day of summer - which is rare. Hope you can enjoy the ride!

Day By Day
The best way to have a great start to the long holiday weekend is ..to go sailing! So, after work, I ran down to the dock, splashed Whimsy,. threw my cooler and camera aboard, and made my way out to the harbor where a nice 15+ knot breeze was waiting. It was a long day at work, so I took it easy and just unrolled the genoa - leaving the mainsail stowed on the boom. Whimsy was fine with the "lazy" rig configuration, and she still managed 6+ knots. Tom Ray came out to join in the fun aboard his Adventure Island Trimaran, and he was having a blast! Unbeknownst to me, he had called shortly after I left to see if I wanted to go sailing, and of course Wendy gave him the best possible reason why I couldn't join him ...because I was already sailing!!! We had a great time, and I hope you all can too! I hope you all can enjoy the 4th of July weekend wherever you are, and Sail On!

Whimsy Up & Away
The 40th anniversary of the 1969 Morgan 30, Whimsy.

Spring Fling
A little more breeze than I expected met Whimsy and I out on the harbor today. I had the wrong headsail up, but reefed it to a manageable size - although the shape was horrid. Whimsy and I bashed around a for a few hours, and enjoyed the day with temperatures in the low 80's and winds around 20 knots. The stem head repair got a REAL work out, and it held! The sailing was great, and you are all invited to come along for a few minutes. Music by: Oscar Castro Neves / Ipanema Afternoon.

Easy Breezy
Just another beauteous day sailing aboard the 1969 Morgan 30 Whimsy. Music: Ocean Breeze - Earl Klugh.

Summer Breeze Aboard Whimsy
Whimsy being single-handed on Charlotte Harbor the day after TS Bonnie blew by, resulting in a rare decent summer breeze!

A Whimsical Interlude
A collection of pictures taken of Whimsy, A 1969 Morgan 30. Thanks To Tom Ray, Butch Erny, and a few others who have taken so many good pictures of Whimsy being sailed on Charlotte Harbor!

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