Breezin' With Whimsy

I tried out a bungee cord dampener on my home-made pivoting camera mount. It did a good job of dampening, but it also prevents the camera from staying level. So, more tweaking is needed! In the meantime, enjoy the ride as I work Whimsy in a bit of breeze. Apologies for some rather unflattering camera angles as I bumble about the cockpit during manuvers, but I was busy. ;) Sail On!

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Tartan 27 from below & first short Sailing trip (still a restoration project)
I bought a total run down 1966 Tartan 27 in October 2012. The interior was pretty much totally rotted out. Previous owners started stripping the boat. For several weeks I did mostly deck restorations. I fiber glassed the whole deck over to get rid of some soft spots. I applied some temporary paint just to make it look somewhat even. The engine was exchanged with a Yanmar 2 cylinder diesel. Whoever did this job just mounted the motor on totally rotted mounts. I removed the engine, took it home, cleaned and painted it. Built a new engine bed from pressured treated wood and fiber glassed it over. Then I built a new floor with pressure treated wood and fiberglass. By now the boat can be sailed and the engine works great as well. Lots more work to come, especially inside. At times I take the boat out so it doesn't feel I'm just working on it. I put together this short video. Nothing special, just for entertainment. Location is Hudson, Florida. P.S. I don't own the Tartan 27 anymore. Sold the boat 2015. I'm now working on a new project boat, an Alberg 37 Thank you all for the interest and nice comments. Well, nice for the most part, LOL

The Weather Weasels said the winds were going to be 14 knots today. They weren't even HALF right! So, with my 130% high-cut cruising genoa rolled up to about 85%, and the mainsail lashed to the boom, I went out and bashed around the harbor. The winds were fairly steady, but the infamous Charlotte Harbor Chop was just relentless. Whimsy carried me through it all, but by the time I got back to the dock it looked more like I had been swimming than sailing. At least I was warm. I hope you can enjoy the ride from the comfort of your own computer - and if you want it all to feel more realistic, spill a drink in your lap. Sail On! Music: Sail / AWOLNATION

Sailing in a weekender
Some friends and I sailing our homemeade boats in yellowknife, Canada.

Morgans Are Forever
A really good sailing today! The overcast skies kept the temperature in the low 80"s, and the 20 knot ENE breeze made for great fun! Whimsy roared down the harbor on a beam reach, and punched her way home on a close reach - hull speed +, all the way! Fall is here, and winter is close behind! Whooo Hooo!! Enjoy the ride!