brake caliper rebuild

Rebuilding a brake caliper on my 06 Mazda MX-5. I fried the brakes at the track for the 2nd time, so I'm getting pretty good at rebuilding them.

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How to Rebuild Brake Calipers
My friend Denny owns a spec E30 race car and the calipers needed rebuilding. We made this video to show you how to rebuild your own calipers - it's really a pretty simple process.

Replacing rear brake caliper seals
replacing brake caliper seals. Quite easy, including fitting the cyclinder back through the outer seal. 1-remove wheel 2-remove bolts holding caliper to the car so you can remove the caliper 3-test clamping the brake hose, so when you pop the cyclinder you don't loose all your brake oil. 4-unclamp brake hose and pop the cyclinder out using your brake pedal. 5-clamp brake hose to stop loosing oil 6-remove piston and cylinder seals 7-clean and check everything moves okay 8-replace seals (needs a little patience and care) 9-fit piston back into cylinder. required some skill and enginuity 10-replace lost oil, bleed brakes (not shown in this video) **** NOTE **** NEVER EVER use WD40 or other similar oils on silicon seals. This will make them swell up and maybe sieze/rip your seals. You could use it on old leaky seals, but never ever do this on the brakes of your car. If your seals are that bad, replace them. If you must use something, use engine oil, the approved grease, or spare brake fluid.

Brake Job Series - Rear Caliper Replacement In the fifth chapter of the AutoZone Complete Car Care - Brake Job Series, Bruce Bonebrake shows you how to inspect and install rear calipers with integrated parking brake. Get everything you need to do the job right at

Reparar pinza de freno
Si notas que tienes una rueda bloqueada o se te calienta un disco de freno en exceso.... puede que tengas una pinza agarrotada y el pistón no retroceda cuando dejas de actuar sobre el pedal del freno. Autobox te recomienda repararla para evitar averías mayores o incluso accidentes.