Greg Coke gets his Lexus stuck in the snow.

Greg demonstrating the perfect way of how NOT to drive in snow/ice.

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INSTAGRAM: @andreewnguyen Here is a little video I made to show you how US the car scene the car community who are into the "Stance" scene, as you can see, my IS300 is unfortunately low, and these are basically my struggles through an daily routine. I hope you guys understand what me and my friends go through and relate! PLEASE LIKE, RATE, AND COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

Lexus IS200 Sports stuck in snow again....
With LSD, traction control and snow driving mode, it's still not getting you anywhere!

Lexus IS300 Buried in Snow Trying and to get Unstuck
April 16th 2014 Its spring time in Minnesota or so we thought when we were hit with a huge snow storm that dropped 10+ inches of snow on the northern metro area! I just got home from a 1.5 hour commute and got stuck in the driveway.

Lexus IS 250 in the snow
rwd + snow in vegas = fun