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Greg Coke gets his Lexus stuck in the snow.

Greg demonstrating the perfect way of how NOT to drive in snow/ice.


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Karl on Ice
Burkey stuck in the Beemer, Ice rinked outside my house.

Greg Coke gets his comeuppance part 3 of 3
Greg and his Lexus get their comeuppance

S Class mercedes fighting the iced over street.
My 1995 S class doing its best to get into the driveway. Everything was iced over, and not a single snow plow or salt truck was seen all day. A pain in the ass to say the least. Update: Due to a lot of negative comments i'd like to add. The tires were very worn and this car was not used during harsh conditions during this specific winter. Canon Hf100

How to drive in snow and ice
This is the road outside my house. It shows a couple of cars getting stuck on the ice and snow. http://www.madstu.net/

Greg Coke gets his Lexus buried in the snow.
A group of sinister characters buired Greg's Lexus in the snow.

Lexus RX350 Snow Drive
Lexus RX350 Snow Drive

Hyundai 2.0 stuck in snow
Rev'in it up with a cold engine and slicks on snow. Is there a part that sounds right ?? ^^

Hemi stuck in snow drift
Went out fourwheelin saw it was deep thought if i got a good running start at it, I could blow through to the other side! All I ended up doing was packing the front of my truck full of snow, and got yanked out by my brothers 92 dodge dakota!

Stuck in the Snow on Holmfirth Road A635 3rd Jan 2010
Paul Stuck in the Snow

Icy Winter Cold Start 2007 Lexus ES350
I had a bunch of requests to do more videos of my car, so I figured it would be a good time for yet another cold start since the last one I did was so popular. This one is after an ice storm we had. 2007 Lexus ES350 ultra luxury, the steering wheel started squeaking a bit during below freezing temperatures. My Kicker sub also had a big pressure change or something, it "popped" right when the car started, that's something that usually happens when it's cold. and the usual engine knock that the ES350 has under freezing temperatures until it warms up.

Lexus ES350 Cold Start and Exhaust w/ SNOW!
Big Snowstorm to hit home so I decided to do a cold start video of mine and my Dad's vehicles before we left for the dealership.

Hot Mercedes stuck in snow
Hot Mercedes stuck in snow First snow storm of the season. See who's getting stuck and who's having fun. Happy Holidays and Drive safely. music by, Trans siberian orchestra - carol of the bells

How To Park Like A Boss
Crazy video proving that Mercedes Benz SUVs have the tightest turning radius...especially when it comes to parallel parking! When it is going to snow and you don't want a car stuck in the driveway, we turned our 4 car garage into a 5. Greatest parallel park job of all time. Music: Neon Blades By - Jallacy

Rebecca stuck in 3 inches of snow.3GP
She hates it when I'm right.

Lexus LS 430 Review
www.westmiguys.spreadshirt.com Thanks for Watching and Subscribing! http://www.youtube.com/broadmoormotors

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