PTDD12 Power Tower Demolition Derby Episode 12

If you want to make a suggestion, you need to watch my Race Grooves Pick List video, follow the rules, and post your request: The models in this video are: Porsche 911 Ford Fusion (Police Car) AMC Greased Gremlin Ford GTX1 Ferrari 288 GTO '68 Nova '68 El Camino 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Arkham Asylum Batmobile '54 Jaguar XK 120 SE (Matchbox)

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Track Time! 2014 B-Case Shout Outs
This time, I used my Facebook account and am giving a shout-out to the first 16 people who posted the name of their young one. They put the names, I picked the cars. In the future, For the C Case, I will be using YouTube and Facebook Public suggestions. Please, only one or two picks per person. Rodzilla Sky Knife 5 Alarm Aston Martin 1963 DB5 Chevrolet SS '73 Ford Falcon XB Sand Blaster Meyers Manx Quicksand Max Steel turbo Racer Scooby Doo The Mystery Machine Batmobile (Animated) Street Creeper Rip Rod Rigor Motor Bullet Proof Rennen Rig Prototype H-24 Track Time! 2013 P-Case Construction Co Turbine Twister Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

PTDD08 Power Tower Demolition Derby Episode 08
Let's get ready to rumble! The models used in this episode are as follows: Power Rage Twin Mill III '73 Ford Falcon Ferrari 250 LM Datsun 240Z Mazda RX-7 Off Track 1966 TV Batmobile Fast Fish Spine Buster

PTDD13 AcceleRacers! Power Tower Demolition Derby
Power Tower Demolition Derby returns! If you want to make a suggestion, please watch my Racegrooves PTDD Pick List and make your suggestions over at that link. The Hot Wheels AcceleRacers was a popular Hot Wheels cartoon that actually was several movies. In this competition, only ORIGINAL AcceleRacers models were used! Silencers: Octanium, Iridium, Technetium Metal Maniacs: Rivited, Hollowback, Spine Buster Teku: Drift Tech, Battle Spec, Bassline Drones: RD-04

Disney Pixar Cars Holiday Pick-Up 2012
Here's a look at some of the new Disney Pixar Cars stuff that I found around Christmas time. One Chase piece, a bunch of singles and a few 2-packs.