PTDD12 Power Tower Demolition Derby Episode 12

If you want to make a suggestion, you need to watch my Race Grooves Pick List video, follow the rules, and post your request: The models in this video are: Porsche 911 Ford Fusion (Police Car) AMC Greased Gremlin Ford GTX1 Ferrari 288 GTO '68 Nova '68 El Camino 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Arkham Asylum Batmobile '54 Jaguar XK 120 SE (Matchbox)

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PTDD14 Real Cars Power Tower Demolition Derby PTDD By Race Grooves
Subscribe to RaceGrooves PTDD Playlist Here is where you post PTDD suggestions The contestents in this video were: AMC Javelin AMX '56 Ford F100 (Truck/Panel) Datsun 240Z 2001 Mini Cooper 2013 Camaro Special Edition BMW 2002 Olds Aurora Hundai Genesis Coupe Volkswagen GTI Ford Anglia 105E My original review of the Hot Wheels Power Tower Wall Tracks was back in 2012 Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

PTDD13 AcceleRacers! Power Tower Demolition Derby
PTDD Pick List Power Tower Demolition Derby returns! If you want to make a suggestion, please watch my Racegrooves PTDD Pick List and make your suggestions over at that link. The Hot Wheels AcceleRacers was a popular Hot Wheels cartoon that actually was several movies. In this competition, only ORIGINAL AcceleRacers models were used! Silencers: Octanium, Iridium, Technetium Metal Maniacs: Rivited, Hollowback, Spine Buster Teku: Drift Tech, Battle Spec, Bassline Drones: RD-04

Sidewalk Cops 3 - The Litterer
In this episode of Sidewalk Cops, Gabe and Micah track down and capture a chronic litterbug in order to make our public walkways a cleaner and safer place. Subscribe for more Sidewalk Cops episodes! Happy Riding! Follow us on Facebook! Behind The Scenes Sidewalk Cops 3! Sidewalk Cops 5 - The Fire Starter Sidewalk Cops 4 - The Car Thief Thanks for watching The Gabe and Garrett Channel!

Power Pulley Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Track Set Addition
Another new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set for the Fall of 2013! Around $20 USD at many toy stores. It has what I call cool Stop And Go features. Cars will be let into the Power Pulley elevator one at a time. This is a 'to the right' set and can not be flipped around. Some Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets have the cars continually racing through the set. This track set has a staging area at the beginning and you can have a few cars ready to go. Models with a longer wheel base will get stuck in that area unless they are the first car in the gate. This is another set that I can endorse as worth the money. Cool new elevator action! The Video links shown at the end: Turbine Twister Fig Rig A few of my Playlists that I shared at the end: Wall Tracks Highway 35 AcceleRacers Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists