Farmall , Pampa + Russian tractors , HMCK , Wortel , Belgium.

A large collection of classic tractors , even one from Russia , at this swapmeet in Wortel , Belgium ( 13.11.11 Mie Tracteur )

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Old soviet snowfighter DE-224 on 2x2 MoAZ-546P tractor
Russia. Airport.

Pampa Bulldog & Two Field Marshall Vintage Tracktors at Kingsfold
Here is a Pampa Bulldog and Two Field Marshalls that were seen here leaving the ring at the Kingsfold vintage show in 2009. My two favourite tractors! (see also the video of the stationary engines in attendance.)

Eicher 2 cilinder werktuigdrager en Ursus C45 tractor
Eicher 2 cilinder werktuigdrager bj 1966 Ursus C45 2 45 pk tact diesel bj 1960 Maurice Van Den Eynde Deze was te zien op Landelijke Gilde Stelen 11 augustus 2013

Pampa tractor
Deze pampa tractor reed ook mee in de toertocht van Ulicoten 2008!