1973 buick apollo part 2

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1973 buick apollo
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1974 Buick Apollo for sale
1974 Buick Apollo for sale in great condition

Bobby Allison Buick Apollo
The Bobby Allison Buick Apollo. In this video Bobby discusses the building of the Buick Apollo in their Huey Town shop. The Buick Apollo was raced by not only Bobby but was also raced by his son Davey as well as Donnie Allison, Bobby's younger brother. Bobby Allison is one of motor sports all time greatest drivers.The Allison's,better know as the "Alabama Gang",built their own cars for competition. Their ability to build some of the most competitive cars in racing lead to Bobby ultimately being inducted into numerous Hall of Fames such as; The International Motor Sports Hall of Fame,North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame, Motor Sports Hall of Fame of America and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The "Alabama Gang" built this Buick Apollo to originally compete in the NASCAR Busch Series and was later sold off and raced at regional tracks and later was parked outside for many years.It was later recovered and restored by Bill Rhine (Rhine Built) in efforts to preserve stock car racing history. #KeepHistoryAlive