Trick & Mansweto 7 Sec Capri - In Car Cam - Drag Racing

Trick & Mansweto Racing Capri. Big Block 600 Cube Naturally Aspirated V8. Runs a 7.5 sec quarter mile.

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MotorEX - Trick and Mansweto Racing
We chat to a great bunch of car enthusiasts, builders, industry professionals about their pride and joy, what they think about mainstream media giving our industry a bad name and what MotorEX means to them.

Trick & Mansweto Break Pro Street Unblown Record
Tristan and Jason from Trick and Mansweto Racing break their own record of 7.08sec with a blisteringly fast run of 7.03 at 197mph with their 694ci big block Ford. Impressive number for a naturally aspirated car - it's actually the quickest Pro Street legal pass in Australia - and one of the quickest and fastest naturally aspirated passes for any type of car in Australia. Will we see a six-second pass soon?

New Pro Street Blown record set once again by the Chief in his Ford Capri, Well done to the crew, be sure to see more videos, so stay tunned cheers Rotorg33k

Trick and Mansweto capri smokes Ferrari at 2011 Sydney Powercruise Eastern Creek
Trick and Mansweto capri literally smokes Ferrari off the start line, then teased him by letting him catch up again and smoked him again.