Ford Focus SVT 2.3 Stroker WOT Pull

Just driving to work letting her wide open. 4 years ago, supercharged. Visit my Cardomain Focal Jet Focus Fanatics

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513 whp Focus SVT w/ Lentech ATX & 2.3 Stroker Sound Clip
Good friends loading my car up on a 53ft trailer for Focus Rising '13

SlocusSVT's Dyno Run
Tuned by: on May 25, 2013 This SVT Focus has 418whp @ 18psi

Jackson Racing Supercharged Svt Focus with Big Boost Kit HD
This is my 2002 Svt Focus with a Jackson Racing Supercharger w/ the big Boost kit. Pushing 10-12Psi. Check out my other videos!!

Focus SVT vs Cobalt SS
My Focus SVT vs. a friend's Cobalt SS, nearly identical times. SVT is on race tires, Cobalt on street tires. Audio is from the Focus