1980 Monza Pacemaker's Dragway Mt. Vernon, OH

Alan during a time trial 7/28/07 at Pacemaker's. Fastest pass 6.88 in the 1/8th. 327 SBC w/ mufflers and a glide.

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8.53 sec @ 159 mph
76 monza @ toronto motorsports park

Mad Super Stock Station Wagon SS/J
Win Bingham's NHRA Super Stock Station Wagon is MEAN! Under the hood is a 327 sbc with a 4-speed transmission. This was taken at the Division 3 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series.

Wheelie in a Monza
Wheelie Contest October 2007 at Dragway 42's Halloween Thing Weekend. A 1980 Chevrolet Monza.

Mustang Killer vs Monza Madman 1/4 Mile run
A completely XXX illegal southern Gotland (Sweden) streetrace in the month of July 5.30 in the morning. Only the cows could hear these two hoodlums roar away along the 70 km/h road for 402 meters (1/4 Mile). Poor cows..... Music: "Can´t stop the Rock" by Apollo 440 from "Gone in 60 seconds".