Awesome Vw Beetle 1303s

This is my 1973 beetle, it's a 1303s, it took 3 and a half years to restore it, every single bolt was checked, original engine, full leather interior, power steering, original ATS Cup rims, electric windows, LED lights, and much more, check it out!!

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Leather-Wrapping a VW Super Beetle Dashboard Part 1 Mr, Brent Crosby from Spokane City-Washington State-USA kindly sent us a VW 1303-1975 Super Beetle dashboard to be leather-wrapped in our shop. We will be posting on you tube the complete procedures, step by step till getting this job finished. This first part 'in action video' shows the dashboard which we will be together performing and studying it 'how to'. The next related videos will show that. This first video is also important because is the beginning of our 'real size upholstery projects. ...besides, free on you tube... and are aimed to people who really want to learn this beautiful craft. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful! Cesar

VW Beetle Rally Compilation
Huomenta! Aaton aatto jo, eli luukku 23 vuorossa. VW Kuplat on enemmän tuttuja jokkiksesta, mutta kyllä niitä muutama pyörii ralleissakin. Ihan viihdyttävää, ja paikoitellen yritteliästä menoa Kuplaluokassa :) 23/24 VW Beetle rally compilation. Action & some crashes..

VW Buggy
Featured in the July 2010 issue of eurotuner magazine, this air-cooled VW Buggy is the personal project of Derek Jenkins. He was formerly the Chief US Designer for VW but has since moved to Mazda. His buggy is an awesome mix of traditional air-cooled style with modern materials and aesthetics. This is possibly the best buggy we've ever seen, so don't miss the full feature in eurotuner magazine (on sale 15 June 2010) and at

VW Fusca BBS
Fusca ganha turbo, rodas BBS, sonzeira e acessórios importados para curtir as noites de terça-feira no sambódromo paulistano. Veja matéria completa na edição 132 da Revista FULLPOWER.