WS6 Trans Am - Stock Exhaust - DMH Cutout

This is what an '02 Trans Am sounds like with a stock Exhaust and a cutout at the end of the I-pipe

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Driving WS6 w/ Open Headers!
Hooker L/T headers 1st drive on a 2000 Trans AM WS6.

LS1 Cutout vs Stock Catback outside - HD
Longtubes, ory, stock catback with cutout just before axle. Watch in HD, its worth it. Definitely wanted to grab a gear with the cutout open as it is truly a unique sound but had an audience appearing so I cut it short. Maybe another video.

FD ls1 exhaust cut out
FD ls1 Exhaust cut out

electric cutouts on 2002 trans am ws6 borla exhaust