MT Racing 56 Customline Taupo Testing

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Cliff Hall 1956 Ford Fairlane drag car Hall Bros
Hall Bros. Cliff Hall racing his '56 Ford at the Ford Lover's West Coast Nationals at Sacramento Raceway

1965 AFX Comet HHRR 2010.wmv

Field Find: 1953 Ford Customline!
Hi! Looks like we were out shopping again; this time I lucked onto a pretty decent 1953 Ford Customline 2 door sedan. Its originally a 2-tone green car with a flathead v-8 and a 3 speed stick. She's pretty tough, and has been sitting outside in the trees for many years, but she's largely complete and I think could be saved and put together again someday. I'll keep gathering up any small missing bits and maybe try to get it running again when the weather warms up. The car looks to have been last used in the late 1960s, judging by the age of the oil can in the trunk, and the tires still on the car. Looks like someone started to take the car apart some time ago (80's?) but gave up before they got very far. These are good looking cars, and the CWMC used-car lot was low on Ford inventory, so I scooped this one up as soon as I could get there! Thanks so much to Dan for the tip on this one... Well, I hope you all enjoy a quick look at this fun old Ford; she's a little tired but definitely worth saving! Cheers from me and Stella; thanks to everyone for watching, commenting, and subscribing!

1956 Ford vs. 1957 Chevy Stick Shift Drag Race
High Winding gear Jammers at Kanawha Valley