2004 Chevrolet Blazer Flowmaster Super 44 & No Cats

My Blazer with no cat or pre-cat

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Blazer with straight pipes.
My blazer with straight piped. All racist comment will be deleted so dont wast your time.

Blazer flowmaster super 44 (no cat)
2001 chevy blazer with flowmaster super 44 Exhaust and no cat.

2000 chevy blazer with flowmaster
just a quick vid of the 30 series flowmaster

96 Chevy Blazer Flowmaster Super 40 series exhaust
Newer clip of Flowmaster 40 series with AEM Brute Force air intake. When I recorded the other video I had an old rusty cat, as old as the truck itself, and it was rusted through and rattled like a tin can. Put a stock cat on it and the Exhaust sounds like it's getting more airflow. Cheap Exhaust tip I got from Autozone looks kinda stupid but it adds a TINY bit of resonance so I kept it on. 4.3l of course