Cambodia what you never see

A drive around Phnom Penh Showing some shops and selling places around town. And some of the newer places. Also a visit to the Toul Kork area that NBC Dateline used for the show about prostitution 15 years ago. Just a few small singing places there and no prostitution there. Most shops in Cambodia are in the same place ,tire shops, tool shops, Every thing located in the same area makes it easy to find the best deal and what you want. There is 100's of bigger and nicer shops but this video is of the yard/garage sale type shops.

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Street 51 Nighttime Walk, Phnom Penh
A nightly stroll along Street 51 Pasteur, Phnom Penh, beginning at the Str 154 crossing, proceding southwards to the Str 178 crossing (the section commonly called "The Strip" with some of the city's most famous bars and clubs) and further south (to more quiet surroundings), then turn around and move northwards again. This leisurely made video documentation shows you some of the many faces and possibilities offered by the nightlife of Street 51.

In Phnom Penh (Bars, Clubs, hot girls)
Cambodia Hangover tour now starts in Phnom Penh visiting some of the capitals hotest bars and clubs. Based on the now popular Bangkok Hangover Tour, more at: To find out more about the Bangkok Hangover tour check out: Get lots more on nightlife at

Slum Stories: Cambodia - Sihanoukville
'Life has no meaning when you can barely survive', says Prang Nan from Sihanoukville, Cambodia. She lost a lot of her possessions when she was forcefully evicted in 2007. Apart from her, around 107 other families were forced to leave their homes by the army and the police, who didn't hesitate to use violence. This video is part of the Amnesty International project. An online videochannel about the life in slums in different parts of the world. All videos can be watched with English, Arab, French, Spanish, German and Dutch subtitles.

Shopping with a dollar in Cambodia
WFP's Christopher Rompre spends an hour in one of Phnom Penh's central food markets, seeing what he can buy for one dollar. He says one in three people in Cambodia lives on a dollar (or 4,000 riel) a day.