Running on Vegetable Oil - VW Jetta TDI / SVO

This documentary will explain the mechanics and economic advantages of running your car on vegetable oil. (2005 Voltswagon JETTA TDI wagon).. Veggie oil veggie oil

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Veggie Car
Here's a documentary I made about running your car on vegetable oil. Featuring Chase Emmons and his Volkswagen Golf.

Vegetable Oil WVO Conversion VW Golf TDI / Biodiesel
I went ahead and converted my TDI to run straight veggitable oil (SVO)


Filtering / Cleaning WVO Waste Vegetable Oil - The REALLY EASY Cubie Method by VegOilGuy
Want to filtering waste vegetable oil very easily? Want to clean WVO without expensive tools or fancy equipment? Filter waste vegetable oil very easily with the Cubie Method - probably the simplest method of cleaning WVO there is. Separate clean from dirty oil easily. Virtually no costs or equipment involved. If you collect your WVO in Cubies (square, plastic containers) you really must watch this video.. Ideal for veg oil motoring or for those needing to clean veg oil ready for biodiesel.