Nur Spec RX Exhaust 07 STi

Nur Spec RX Exhaust on 07 STi

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2006 subaru sti exhaust
06 sti srs Exhaust 3" video sample

Toyota Supra with Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust
Dazzi's 1996 Toyota Supra SZ N/A with Blitz Nur Spec R catback Exhaust Just a short vid for anybody that is thinking about getting a nur spec. Not cats removed and was driven around 3k revs on the video.

Full Titanium JIC JDM Exhaust 07 STI
turbo back Exhaust with JIC full titanium catback on an 07 STI.

2004 WRX STi w/ Borla XR-1 Exhaust and K&N Typhoon Intake
Because I wish I had seen some good sound/video clips of the Borla XR-1 and K&N Typhoon intake before I bought them, here they are on my '04 STi. First clip of each set is the car with just the Borla XR-1 .....second clip is with the XR-1 and the K&N Typhoon Short-Ram intake. Everything is labeled anyway. I can't tell all that much difference in sound, although many say that the Typhoon intake makes it louder. Let me know what you think. I'd say it purrs a little more, there's a bit more whine from the engine bay and the Typhoon adds some smoothness to the engine. Anyway, enjoy! Thanks to Mike for helping me out!