Drifting Go Karts At Virginia International Raceway

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Clone Kart PVC drift attempt.
Tried drifting the go kart with PVC pipe we got from a recycle yard. It didn't work out too well. ALL STUNTS PERFORMED ON A CLOSE COURSE IN MEXICO

Backyard Dirt Go Karting 2013

iron city team supreme tristate race #3 HUGE WRECK!!!
on board with brad hauser in the team supreme race at iron city involved in a verry early crash busting the header loose and bending the frame

Go Karts vs. Mall
Two high-performance electric go karts from Pole Position Raceway speed through the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York during open hours. Watch mall founder Bob Conjel and business partner Bruce Kenan fly past stores like Apple, Victoria's Secret, and Sack's Fifth Avenue during the adrenalin-filled jaunt. The pair, through the use of stunt driver's Ken Faught and Julian Nakar, also race down construction hallways and explore the third floor which was currently off limits to the public. When complete, Destiny USA will be the fifth-largest mall in the country and home to the first-ever world-class indoor kart track built inside a major shopping center. You can learn more by checking out www.DestinyUSA.com and www.PolePositionRaceway.com. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures by Bob and Bruce.