Ford Fusion V6 supercharged multiple runs

Super Charged 2006 Ford Fusion 3L V6, Eaton MP90 Roots,, 10.5# Boost 75 pedal counts

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V8 Mustang vs. V6 Fusion (Quick Race)
Racing a V8 Mustang with my V6 Fusion (Quick Red Light Race) 2007 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0L V6 vs V8 Ford Mustang Ford vs Ford

2011 Civic Si. vs. 2007 Fusion SEL 3.0L
race was filmed in Mexico. Civic mods: Vibrant streetpower Exhaust Fusion mods: front license plate delete

2006 Ford Fusion SEL V6 - flowmaster super 40's
Put new pipes on my ford fusion and made it sound like a beast.

AWD Road Test Turbocharged V6 Ford Fusion
Testing car for bugs and breaking in motor while datalogging parameters. Hit some 1.75 loads spikes builds Boost fast.