1986 Turbo Diesel Ranger 0-60mph ALL STOCK

My New 1986 turbo Diesel Ford Ranger 0-60 The truck has an ACTUAL 91K MILES. Super Rare find! Very nice truck that needs very little body work. Gonna play with the Injection pump to give it a little more power soon, but still 10 times faster than my 83 non-turbo.

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Ford Ranger 2.3 Turbo Diesel 0-60
Quick walk around of my Diesel Ranger that I've built. More videos to come, especially for those who thought that I wasn't capable of engineering a swap to this level. Thread - http://www.fordrangerforum.com/project-logs/94006-project-ford55-4d55-turbo-diesel-94-ranger-4x4.html#post1506012 http://www.ranger-forums.com/project-logs-82/project-ford55-4d55-turbo-diesel-94-ranger-4x4-138603/#post2044114 http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141761

1986 Turbo Diesel Ranger Cold Start (20F) and a walk around.
This is video of a cold start (20F) and a walk around of my 2nd 1986 Ford Ranger with the 4D55T Misubishi turbo Diesel engine with an actual 91K miles. Picked this truck up about 2 weeks ago. Drove it out of state and got 38 MPG.

My 1983 Ford Ranger Diesel 2.2 Perkins 4 Spd 45 MPG
My 1983 2 door long bed 2.2 perkins 4 cylinder diesel ford ranger. this video should have been uploaded a long time ago.

Very Rare find ! SOLD !