Lokar Shifter Installation

Lokar demonstrates a quick version of how to install the mounting brackets for a Lokar Automatic Transmission Shifter onto a TH-350 transmission during the Motorhead Garage t.v. show. Jeff, Sam and Dave share small details that can help you during your own installation. For more details contact Lokar's tech department at 1-877-469-7440

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How To Install A Lokar Floor Shifter-Part 1
Pete moves right along on the Willys Coupe as he installs a custom floor shifter for the 700R4 Automatic Transmission. http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

GM 350 (TH) Dual-Action Shifter Installation Video from American Shifter Co.
Want to select the perfect shifter for your vehicle? Check out our Shifter Selector! http://www.americanshifter.com/products/shifter/?refid=5064 The all-new Dual-Action Shifter Assembly from American Shifter Co. has everything you need in a shifter! Which do you prefer - a side-action shifter, or a push-button shifter? American Shifter Co. has both! Shift however you want. Use any shift knob that you want. The Dual-Action Shifter features all the conveniences of any other shifter, with none of the limitations! Our Precision-Engineered Shifter Assembly features: • Positive Lockout in Park & Neutral • Teflon-Smooth Button Action • Removable Stick • Compatible with Any Shift Knob • Includes All Necessary Hardware

BC Tips: Installing a Lokar Shifter

Speedway Tech Talk - Lokar Muscle Car Shifter
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