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Baling Maize Silage

Maize Silage Baling With An Orkel MP 2000 Maize Baler (A deere hunter production Declan)


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Baling corn
Baling corn for silage

JCB 436 rozhrnuje kukuřici
436ka s rozkládacími 5m vidlemi je králem na silážní jámě. Natočeno na jamách u bioplynky ve Valovicích 10.9.2011

Jæren kombipresser
Kombipresser i aksjon på grasdemonstrasjon på Jæren. Nærbø 27. mai 2009. Kverneland Bio John Deere 744 McHale Fusion 2 Krone Comprima CF 155 XC Welger Double Action Orkel GP 1260 New Holland 850

Göweil LT-Master
Silomais lässt sich über verschiedene Varianten haltbar machen. Neben dem klassischen Fahrsilo werden heute auch Verfahren angeboten, bei denen das Futter in einem Endlos-Schlauch oder in kompakter Ballenform konserviert wird. Der oberösterreichische Maschinenbauer Göweil bietet mit der neuen LT-Master eine Maschine an, mit der Häckselgut in Rundballenform gepresst werden kann.

Mowing crop silage
Mowing wettish crop silage for the pit.

Silage 2012. Round Baling & Wrapping Combo With 3d Wrapping
http://www.facebook.com/AgriVideos Mike in the New Holland T6070 and a Kuhn vbp 2160 baler/wrapper combo with 3d wrapping, Only 2 in Great Britain with 3d wrapping. Comment.Like.Subscribe Cheers.

California Chopper Challenge John Deere 7950
John Deere 7950 running at the CCC in 2010. A special thanks to John Deere for participating! The 7950 had the 2nd best fuel per ton.

Tanco CleanaFeed
The I60 CleanaFeed is a low maintenance, self-loading, durable livestock feeding implement. This agricultural machinery implement is hydraulically operated via linkage. The CleanaFeed quickly washes, cleans, chops and feeds root crops. A rotor paddle removes loose dirt through an open framework and ensures even feed of crops to the chopper unit. The wash bar mechanism can be fitted to a water supply and has a low water requirement. The CleanaFeed comes with an anti-bridging device and a simple hinged stone trap as standard. Optional attachment plates enable feeding of potatoes, vegetables, maize, grains and other feed compounds.

Maize 2011 with Krone BigX 650. John Deere Super Power - nearly bogged!
Trailer is nearly full, and it's a big one. We see the 7820 struggling to pull its load through a very soft bit of field, and then (you can SEE the sigh of relief) it reaches the road and is off to the pit. Brief glimpse of another Deere on the road brush, then back to field where Wim the boss is still attending to the opening-up. John Deere 7930 also in the picture with another Joskin trailer.

Orkel MP 2000 Compator - Pressatura insilato
Lineaverde SRL in pressatura trinciato a Rudiano (BS) con Orkel MP 2000 Compactor e Fendt 716 Vario. A sorvegliare il tutto Federico.

driving tractor at silage (mullash style)
TO SEE THIS VIDEO ON A PHONE DOWN LOAD A APP CALLED ( MCTUBE FOR YOUTUBE :) . this is a video i made of micheal boyd with his 8210 ford and newholland double chop out fit in the mullyash mountains

Maisbalen Persen.
Maisbalen persen door Johan Frencken www.maisbaal.nl 06-10-11

Bio Maize Baler
bio plant and agris maize baler makes bales of a ton weight

Krone Comprima. Baling silage without net. "Baletite" film for perfect silage. New Zealand 2010.
Roundbale silage revolution. NO MORE BALE NET. Baling grass and lucerne silage with Baletite plastic film. Bale net is now obsolete, and so is 3D wrapping. Baletite gives 10% denser bales than net. Bales only require 4 layers of prestretch film for perfect silage quality. If wrap becomes punctured there is virtually no deterioration of the silage as air can not affect more than the size of the hole..

AGRONIC MR 820 MultiBaler, Maize baler, Maisballenpresse, corn baler, maissipaalain
The AGRONIC MultiBaler MR820 is a small balerwrapper combination with high capacity for making round bales. This is the ideal way of compacting different sort of materials like maize, sugar beetpulp, chopped grass and straw and other organic fibre products. The round bales have a fixed width of 85 cm. and the diameter can vary from 85 till 90 cm. This size of bale is very suitable for horse owners or small farmers. The bale weight f.i. in maize will vary from 350 till 500 kg. depending on the dry matter. Bales of maize or any other product are an easy commodity to handle and transport. No investments in expensive silos. Easier feeding in the summer periods.

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