srt-4 vs 02 gt

stock 2002 Mustang gt vs 2004 srt-4/ has agp waste gate hks bov bigger Intercooler 18 pounds of Boost and intake

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DIY - Tricked Out - Dodge Neon Srt4 Engine Dress Up
DIY - Tricked Out - Dodge Neon Srt4 Engine Dress Up

2005 DODGE NEON SRT-4 OWNER: John_srtmilz_Davis MODS: 2005 Nsrt4 93k mopar cold air, needswing downppipe, mpx side exit, agp wastegate, hks bov, agp hard pipes, bwoody solid mounts, fid 1000's, Boomba fuel rail. Bosch 044 fuel pump, big d's performance 93 and e85 tune, eibach lowering springs, drag dr31 17x7.5 wheels #SRTLIFE

SRT 4 Vs 08 Mustang Gt

Srt-4 vs. Srt-4 (Both stock turbo)
My Srt-4 (Red): Water/Meth injection, upgraded injectors & Intercooler, WOT box, 3" Exhaust, AGP wastegate, HKS BOV, stock turbo Yellow Srt-4: All I know is it has upgraded Intercooler & Exhaust & stock turbo. Next time I see dude, I will ask for more details.