2011 Mustang GT Flowmaster Hushpower

2011 GT with Flowmaster Hushpower axle-back.

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2011 Mustang GT light cruising in car with Flowmaster Hushpower Axle Back
Light cruising out of the neighborhood (piss poor driving with one hand) with Flowmaster Axle Back installed

2011 Mustang GT
if anyone is good at making video intros, send me a message and i will give you credit in every video..... sorry you could hear my mom and my sister talking in the background..... the only reason i didnt take away the audio is because i wanted you to hear the engine... not much though lol.

Mustang 2011 5.0 Flowmaster Hushpower short Soundcheck
Finally, after nearly 4 month of waiting, the Flows got attached this afternoon. I really love them. Hope to post better videos soon, the video was made with my Photo-Camera using Video Mode and inside the garage.

2011 Mustang GT Hushpower and Resonator Delete
2011 Mustang GT with Flowmaster Hushpower Axleback and Resonator Deletes. Sorry for the background noise, it was a very windy day...I'll try to get a better video on our Camcorder.