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Crash test przy 200km/h
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Lady gets unruly on United flight
She wouldn't put her growling dog in its carrier, got belligerent with the flight attendant, and assaulted a cop (so we were told). I'm guessing she won't be flying anytime soon. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

HOVERBOARD Self-balancing Electric Scooter! SEGWAY without the SEG
FOLLOW US! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: EvanTubeHD T-shirts NOW AVAILABLE!: Time for DaddyTube to unbox an item he got for his birthday this year. It's a Hoverboard!!! Well, not quite. But it's probably the closest thing to a hoverboard that we have today. It's a self-balancing electric scooter(thing). This one is called the Smart Balance Wheel. But they are also go by: Hoverboard, Swegway, IO Hawk, PhunkeeDuck and a host of other names. It's a really fun little device that is perfect for people who don't like walking! Evan's Target commercial also came on the TV while we were watching America's Got Talent. Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by

Foggy Headlight Restoration Trick
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