The Sand Talon Round 3 Sand lake Sand Dunes

Well this time we added some wider tires going from a 215/60/16 to a 255/50/16 and had the cut by Chris at Oregon Motor sports. This is still one of the funnest sand toy we have ever built. My quad sat at the truck all day.

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Rallying awd Eclipse Team ER Sand Talon Round 2 Ralling Sand lake Drifting
No big jumps but the car ran great and is ready for more action. We are going to do some tire mods for the next trip.

ER Sand Talon round 4 Sandlake sand dunes

Car Jumping Team ER Sand Talon jumping bowl Sand Lake Oregon with Slow mo
Playing around with the Talon jump vid

English Racing - 2015 Drag Evo-X Compilation
***FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & KEEP UP*** 2015 has brought us a very successful year for our Drag Evo-X and our goals. We got well into the 8s in the 1/4 and cracked the 200mph mark in the 1/2mi. Here's a small compilation of this years fun! We look forward to pushing the limits harder, faster, and quicker in 2016.