SpeedoKote Clear Coat Blending

Speedokote clear blending on a bumper by Glen Kumm

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Blend clear coat
Sata jet 4000 RP

SpeedoKote Bumper Refinish
2011 Mobile Tech Expo Bumper Paint Contest

SpeedoKote headlight restoration
This is a hands on video, showing the ease of use, and great results of the speedoKote headlight restoration system. The SMR-700 uv coating comes with a lifetime warranty. See more information at www.SpeedoKote.com

Removing Clearcoat Runs with Glaze (Polyester Glazing Putty)
Had to edit, tone down and distort the music playing on the radio, Youtube blocked the first attempt. Saw this method on one of Jamesfreddy's videos, as well as a few others. I liked this method better than using a razor blade.